Li Xisha, Executive Vice President of Beijing Dentsu Invited to Lecture at Cambridge

October 17, 2015, Invited by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) of the University of Cambridge, Li Xisha, EVP of Beijing Dentsu delivered a speech at the university, which is a world famous university that has nurtured 92 Nobel Prize winners. He was also the first man from the advertising industry to lecture at the university. In Mr. Li's lecture- Internet+ Advertisement, New Media Enters the Big Data Era, he introduced how the internet era has affected the advertising industry as the lifestyle and social methods have changed as well as how the industry seeks for a road of innovation and reform to the students in Pembroke College, Cambridge.


Mr. Li started his lecture with a verse from Mao Zedong: You should have a generous mind and a long vision . He said: “The development of the internet has created a brand new era with a huge difference. In this era, people are drawn closer than ever, information spreads very fast, and the flattening of platform has become a trend. People's desire for fairness and respect that has been hidden at the bottom of their hearts is out in the open. An internet way of thinking that is represented by personal advocates, personal needs, openness and transparency, is created. The development of internet terminal technology and the big data have become a strong technological support for the expansion of internet way of thinking as well as its application. In this situation, the desire to participate as an individual and to reveal his/her value becomes strong and it has become important to respect the individual. In the changing era, the advertising industry also needs reform and innovation.” In his opinion, the old form and thinking of advertising cannot meet the demand of nowadays development and respect for consumers has become the first priority. On such basis, people in advertising industry should adapt themselves to the social trend ahead of time and explore the road of innovation and reform with a generous mind and a long vision. He believes that advertising is a social science, which covers every aspect of sociology, as well as a science about people, only second to philosophy. It brings people care and respect and makes them feel the meaning of life and happiness in life. He felt proud to be in this industry. Then, he encouraged those who planned to establish their own business and told them it needed new ideas for a new business as well as a persistent executive force. He said: On the way of establishing your business, you must prepare yourself for a hard work. Believe that your energy is beyond your imagination. Your attitude decides your future.

In the Q&A session, Mr. Li had an in-depth discussion with Cambridge students on advertising integrity, judging standard and the balance of the commercial and artistic value of advertisements. In his opinion, the issue of integrity is not just the fundamental of advertisement but also the origin for being a man, governing a nation and running a company. On the basis of integrity, we can judge an advertisement as whether right or wrong, good or bad in to whom it speaks, what to say and how to say. Regarding the balance of advertisement's commercial and artistic value, Mr. Li believes that advertising is an investment but we shouldn't calculate the value simply by the ratio of input and output. Advertisement is a demand of a market economy and it changes people's life habits and creates new consumption highlights. All these can be considered as the value of advertisement. His speech ignited audience passion for advertisement and the atmosphere was very good in the discussion. The planned two-hour lecturer was prolonged to three hours. Mr. Li had an in-depth communication with students of different majors and his lecture aroused students' passion for Chinese advertising industry in Cambridge, which has no adverting major.


Pembroke College that organized this event was founded in 1347 as one of the three oldest colleges among the 31 colleges in Cambridge. The more than 700-year-old Pembroke College has gathered many poets, scholars and scientists who were committed to changing the world. Mr. Li's speech left the mark of an advertising man especially a Chinese advertising man in Pembroke College, and his voice was heard in the world's top university.


Mr. Li Xisha was giving a lecture to the students in the University of Cambridge with the title - Internet+ Advertisement, New Media Enters the Big Data Era


Lecture venue



Representative of CSSA of University of Cambridge introduced the university to Mr. Li Xisha


A photo of Mr. Li Xisha and representatives of CSSA