Kazuki Tsuburaku Was Invited as a Jury Member for LIA Global Chinese Creativity

From September 29 to Oct. 6, 2018, LIA Global Chinese Creativity final judgement was held in Las Vegas. Shanghai Dentsu CCO / CDC China Executive Director Kazuki Tsuburaku was invited to serve as a final jury member for 3 award sections of Design, Package Design and OOH. The finalist was also published recently, and Beijing Dentsu's work "The Healing Cry" was shortlisted. The final winning list will be released on November 5.

nEO_IMG_微信图片_20181008170202 - 副本.jpg

Kazuki Tsuburaku said, "Because LIA Global Chinese Creativity is not a domestic award under LIA, but an international award, which requests the international jury standard. The points of winning work will be added into the pointing system. I think the final winning works are of international standards and are high-quality works in the Chinese creative industry.”



* LIA Global Chinese Creativity was launched in May 2017 and show that honors and celebrates creativity conceived, written and produced solely in the Chinese language. The best works are awarded the Red Statue Winners or Finalists. All Winners and Finalists are included in the Campaign Brief Rankings of Grand Prix 100pts / Red 60pts / Finalist 15pts.