Beijing Dentsu Yas Yamauchi Invited to Give a Speech at the 3rd China Content Marketing Summit Forum

On September 9, 2018, the 3rd China Content Marketing Summit Forum was held in Beijing. Yas Yamauchi, Planning Account Director of Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch, was invited to attend the forum, and gave a speech with the topic of Redefine the IP Marketing with a Creative Advertising - New Trends in Japanese IP Marketing."

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Yas Yamauchi shared the topic in three parts: "the combination of IP and creative advertising, the types and cases of ad × IP, IP industry structure and planning focus."

"Dentsu recognized the importance of IP very early. For the famous Japanese animation industry, Dentsu has put in a lot of effort in content marketing, re-defining IP marketing with creative advertising." Yasuhiro Yamauchi mentioned. He took the Japanese anime characters as an example to stated the super IP is borderless. It can directly resonate with consumers and plays an important role in the advertising industry, by transcending language, age, country and other barriers. He proposed, IP is limited but IP marketing is limitless. He believes that proper use of IP is one of the effective means of advertising creativity. IP has a variety of advantages, in addition to its direct use, it can also be combined with core ideas through adaptation and other means.


Yas Yamauchi

In Japan, the use of anime characters and even anime music, animation symbols for IP marketing, not only can avoid the negative risk of star endorsements, but can also further expand the scope of IP use. It has not only formed a set of mature IP use mechanisms, but also urgently needs to solve the problems such as brand IP image investment is too much, and the lack of correlation between a mature IP image and the brand. Finally, he stressed, "IP planning must consider three points: why, how and when to use," only detailed planning covering these three points can maximize the IP's effect and results.


At the China Content Marketing Summit Forum

Yas Yamauchi's sharing has attracted the participants, who have a further understanding of overseas IP industry development and IP use, and a more comprehensive understanding of the story behind the latest IP cases.