Beijing Dentsu Won the Gold Award in the 2018 China Content Marketing Awards


From May 26 to 27, 2018, the 2018 China Content Marketing Awards (CCMA) Forum and Ceremony hosted by ADQUAN.COM was held in Beijing. Two hundred forty-seven companies submitted about 1,000 works for the awards. Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch won the Gold Award in film category of creativity group with work "The World Repair Man Song". During the forum, Bai He, Manager of CEO Office, was invited to share her viewpoints about the "Anime IP Marketing in Japan".

The World Repair Man Song

NGK is the world's No.1 automotive-used spark plug brand in the market share. It will launch the G-Power series spark plug products in China. To shorten the distance with the targets, communicate the concept that G-Power is a product favored by the world's mechanics, we have composed a song "The Repair Man Song", which tells the stories of the car repairman. 

Express the repairman's spirit through the lyrics and invite repairman from all over the world to sing it together and produce a video which arouse Chinese repairman's resonance and raise their brand awareness of the G-power products. Furthermore, achieve the goal of increase the market share in the Chinese market. Once released, it aroused a lot of attention and attraction of viewers to forward it on social media, as its commercial easily and ingeniously advertises the popularity of NGK in the global market with an innovative form of a song.

Yang Shuo, PR Manager (the first from right) received the award

The Gold Trophy

In the afternoon of May 27, MS. Bai shared her viewpoints about "Anime IP Marketing in Japan" at the forum of CCMA. MS. Bai started her speech with an introduction to the strengths of Dentsu in sports and entertainment marketing. Then she expounded on the unique IP operation management system in Japan and gave a detailed explanation of the Japanese IP market segment from the perspectives of animation and character.



Bai He gave a speech


By introducing Kumamon "lost red cheeks" campaign, MS. Bai explained how the Japanese IP represented by Kumamon became popular in a short time through the 3S concept – story, surprise and share. Additional, she cited the co-branding examples of Gudetama, Mameshiba, Gintama, Final Fantasy, etc. For IP rights, Dentsu had not only successfully introduced YURI!!! on ICE, Xtreme 3 and Reload Gunlock into China, but had also helped enterprises make flexible use of IP resources to further improve brand awareness and reputation and then to increase sales and overcome challenges faced by them. At the end of the speech, MS. Bai received an exclusive interview of "quick questions and quick answers" by ADQUAN.COM. 

The sharing of experience in content marketing and IP from Beijing Dentsu received a lot of attention from the attendees. While demonstrated the expertise of the company, it also proved that only quality contents and resources can attract users.