Ouyang Mingsheng Was Invited to Lecture at the Beijing Technology and Business University

On November 22, 2017, Beijing Dentsu Senior Vice President Ouyang Mingsheng was invited by the College of Art and Communication of Beijing Technology and Business University to give a lecture to over forty postgraduates from the Journalism and Communication department. This was his first lecture since he was officially invited to serve as the postgraduate practice mentor for the Journalism and Communication department of Beijing Technology and Business University. Deputy Dean Gao Lihua issued a certificate of appointment to Ouyang Mingsheng in the classroom.

Ouyang Mingsheng described content marketing to the students, which is one of the most popular marketing modes at present, and shared speeches on the topics of "Content is King, Successful Marketing". He started from the basic concept of "what is marketing and what are the modes of marketing", and moved on to the role of marketing: "marketing is essentially a kind of communication", and then how to market, "to create effective content and create mutual association", to explain content marketing from five aspects to the students. He stressed that "combining the people, products, and trends is what advertising and marketing should do." And he further explained content marketing with references to the music marketing “Colorful Actions” Campaign for the YARiS new model launch, the Guangzhou Toyota Levin-Shu Qi & Hugh Jackman Campaign, and other classic cases that Beijing Dentsu created, to help students have an in-depth awareness and understanding of content marketing.

In the subsequent Q&A session, the students actively interacted with Ouyang Mingsheng, proposed a series of questions about the lecture, such as "if advertising can play the role of trend setter? how to find the trend point? how to ensure the planning is more targeted? how to treat Scam Ads?", Ouyang Mingsheng answered the questions one by one and discussed with the students. The students loved his witty and vivid teaching methods and the classroom atmosphere was very relaxed.

Deputy Dean of the College of Art and Communication of Beijing Technology and Business University Gao Lihua said, "Through this lecture, the students have a better understanding of the latest development of the advertising industry in addition to academics. While broadening their horizons, it can also enhance the awareness of students to study practical problems."

For a long time, Beijing Dentsu has maintained good relations with universities, to carry out continuous internship program for many years, including share ideas in school, welcomed students to visit, and committed to contribute to Chinese advertising education.


Beijing Dentsu Senior Vice President Ouyang Mingsheng


Ouyang Mingsheng (left) received the appointment certification


At the lecture


At the lecture



Q&A session


Group photo


* Beijing Technology and Business University: Beijing Technology and Business University is a multidisciplinary key university in Beijing. It was the first approved by the State Council to grant a master's degree, focusing on major departments of economics, management, and engineering, with mutual support and coordinated development of economics, management, engineering, science, literature, law, history and other disciplines.