Lenovo Laptop New Product Launch


1. Establish the younger brand image of the Lenovo 小新: the Lenovo 小新 is the representative of Lenovo's younger brands, it injects younger DNA into Lenovo brand and stimulate the vitality of the brand as a whole.

2. Enhance the market awareness of the new product, drive sales of the whole series products.

3. Expand fans group of Lenovo 小新, improve fans marketing : attract more 90s generation users to become new fans of the Lenovo 小新 and improve the loyalty of the existing fans.


The domestic real economy development speed slows down and the PC market undergoes recession as a whole; serious product homogenization and intensive market competition; The existing products are lack of innovation in middle and low-end market.


1. Choose Lu Han who are popular with young people as the brand spokesperson, and carried out fan marketing in favorite social platforms by 90s generation, such as Weibo, WeChat,  Post Bar, etc.

2. Interact with 90s generation with their favorite platforms and method.

3. Select the APP that is most popular among the 90s generation for cooperation.


1. The sales of Lenovo 小新 Air13 laptop online reservation in JD.com exceeded 20,000 units in 24 hours. Single-day maximum sales target reached 573%.

2. The number of followers of the Lenovo 小新 Weibo topic: # New Power, The Antler # exceeded 4.2 billion.