Dentsu Shared Its Exclusive Methodology in Renmin University

In the afternoon of 2 April 2015, Jin Yilun, Media Group Director of Beijing Dentsu made a lecture in the title of Dentsu's Methodology in Social Media Era to sophomore students upon the invitation of Advertising and Media Economy Department of the News School in Renmin University of China. Prof. Wang Fei from Renmin University hosted the lecture and extended a warm welcome to Mr. Jin Yilun. She said that Beijing Dentsu, as a leader in Chinese advertising industry, has rich experience in the theory and practice of media strategy and it is worth studying and discussing for the academic world. It is also one of the reasons why Beijing Dentsu is invited to give lectures at Renmin University every year.


Jin Yilun started from conventional procedure of media planning and summarized the methodology of media planning in a comprehensive and concrete manner by taking a virtual brand Guili Jewelry as an example so that the students could have a comprehensive understanding of media planning and how to do it. Then he summarized three major changes in the marketing in social media era -- changes in consumers, corporate thinking and advertising. He pointed out that, in changing times, we depend on the power of content more than ever. In terms of the wave of social media, he introduced Dentsu's methodology, which is shocking, public welfare related and routine. Ignite a communication explosion in social media with a stimulating, touching and profound media strategy. 


The students were totally immersed in the 2.5-hour lecture. Humorous words and vivid case videos brought a lot of laughter. According to Prof. Wang Fei, the lecture was rich in content and students learned a lot. Not only it was good for education, many teachers also learned some first-hand materials from the lecture. It was said that over 40 students and teachers attended the lecture. It was the fourth time for Beijing Dentsu to send a lecturer to the course in Renmin University of China.

Jin Yilun was teaching Dentsu methodology to the students and teachers in Renmin University


Over 40 people from Advertising and Media Economics Department of News School in Renmin University attended the lecture.