Changing Room

Award:Silver, ADFEST 2016 Promo Lotus 
Agency:Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co., Ltd.





The spending of Chinese consumers is keeping pace with China's rapidly growing economy. Especially in the sales season, people are even more excited about shopping. As an international apparel brand, C&A hope to share their warmth to the world with clothes to children in the impoverished mountainous areas of China. During this time, how can we make people pay more attention to charity?   



The main target of C&A is young people. They love shopping. The end of year is big sales season (winter discounts). This makes people even more excited about shopping. 



We came up with the way to invite people to charity by using interactive digital technology. Our idea is to have people in the city enjoy donation at stores, and share the worms with children who are in need. We created a special “Changing Room” in the fitting room of their store. In this room, you do not only change your clothes, but also change children's life. When the customers enter the changing room and put their clothes on the hook, it activates a LED screen, and show you a child in need. Then you can choose how much of your discount you would like to donate.   



In comparison with previous three weeks, sales increased 22.3% within the first three weeks of this event.
 Even though Chinese people are not used to donating money, this campaign succeeded in collecting contributions.