Beijing Dentsu Won iFeng 2017 Top 10 Public Welfare Creativity of the Year

On the evening of December 26, 2017, iFeng 2017 "行动者联盟" Public Welfare Grand Ceremony sponsored by iFeng and organized by iFeng Welfare, and jointly organized by the China Children and Teenager's Fund and other charitable organizations was held in Beijing. Beijing Dentsu's work "Walk for Love" won the Top 10 Public Welfare Creativity of the Year. The representative of the creation team Tian Gang, Creative Director of the Creative Planning Center accepted the honor on behalf of the company and was invited to give the acceptance speech.


In China, there are an average of up to 70,000 pieces of rubbish on each square kilometer on the beach, the waste pollution on the beach is shocking. In order to attract the attention about the environmental issues and propose practical solutions at the same time, Beijing Dentsu created a public service advertising Walk for Love. The ad has won the Gold Award at the 2017 China Advertising Great-wall Awards - Interactive Creative Awards, Bronze Award of the China Advertising Great-wall Awards Outdoor category, the Bronze Award of China 4A Golden Seal Awards and many other awards. More details of the work:



Walk for Love


"Walk for Love was identified and recommended by the judging committee and eventually won the Top 10 Public Welfare Creativity of the Year. We are very happy, and thankful for being recognized by the organizing committee and the judging committee. Beijing Dentsu is very concerned about public welfare. In recent years, it has carried out internally the probono project for public service advertising to encourage all creative talents in the company to participate actively in it. There are many excellent public service ads every year. We create value for clients and use our own creative abilities to discover and solve social problems at the same time. In the future, let us continue to walk together for the public good, walk together for love.“ Tian Gang said.

Tian Gang accepted the award on behalf the company and gave an acceptance speech 


Beijing Dentsu winning team


Award Trophies

* "行动者联盟" aims to build a public welfare event platform of mutual assistance and cooperation for all parties, to unite all the forces, to get through the barriers, and jointly promote the development of charitable undertakings. At the ceremony of the day, there were also other awards announced, including the Top 10 Public Welfare Talents of the Year, the Top 10 Public Welfare Projects of the Year, Top 10 Public Welfare Enterprises of the Year as well as the Online Popularity Award of the Year and the Special Contribution Award. These awards are recognitions of the individuals and enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to Chinese public welfare over the past year.