Beijing Dentsu Won the Gold Award in the Third CCTV National Television Public Service Advertising Competition

On December 22, 2017, the 3rd CCTV National Television Public Service Advertising Competition awards ceremony held by CCTV was held in Beijing. Beijing Dentsu won the Gold Award in the video category of the international group with the work "Say No to Rumors." Tian Gang, Creative Director, accepted the honor on behalf of the company.



Representative of the Beijing Dentsu winning team Tian Gang (fifth from the left) accepted the award on stage

On China's Internet, the rumors are rampant. False information not only blinds the public's eyes but also brings a lot of negative impact on the society. In this case, Beijing Dentsu adopts malposed illusions to create this series of PSADs, to offer an intuitive interpretation of "what you see is not necessarily the truth." As a result, it guides everyone to remain calm while thinking, to avoid giving false information and to say no to rumors. The ad was awarded the Silver Award for the video category of the 2016 China Public Service Advertisement Yellow River Awards. More details on the work:

Say No to Rumors – City Guard


Say No to Rumors – Doctor & Patient


This year's CCTV National Television Public Service Advertising Competition was themed "Take Action to Change the Future." Officially launched on September 26th, it collected outstanding TV public service advertisements from the whole society and called for more organizations and individuals to join the TV public service advertising industry, and through creative public service ads, change the future and touch the world. The competition collected a total of 4,305 entries at domestic and abroad, including 3,268 creative videos and 1,037 creative scripts. After the rigorous primaries and final round selection, over 40 winning entries were selected. It is reported that the awards ceremony will be broadcast on the CCTV Financial Channel in next January.

Beijing Dentsu winning team



* About the CCTV National Television Public Service Ads Competition: In 2013, CCTV organized the first National Television Public Service Ads Competition, which has been held every two years thereafter. The Competition aims to recognize outstanding Chinese TV public service advertising and creative work force, to further enhance public service television ads appeal and influence, in order to pass on the Chinese dream, and carry forward the socialist core values. The Competition inspires the creative force of the society, through television public service ads, it spreads social positive energy and forms a greater social impact.