Sharing Happiness, Double 11 Pocky Day

"Bring Our Hearts Closer" 2017 Pocky Integrated Marketing Solutions

During October to November this year, Pocky took advantage of Pocky Day on November 11th to carry out a comprehensive campaign including TVC, offline activities, cross-border cooperation with ZOO COFFEE, online H5, etc.

The campaign was based on the theme of "Bring Our Hearts Closer" and had an interactive device called an "intimate photo wall" was developed, which could combine two people's photos into a playful gif. It also included online development of H5, so that consumers who could not get to the scene could also experience the activities.



At the same time, Pocky cooperated with the café chain ZOO COFFEE, to sell limited set meals in the 101 stores and distribute special edition Pocky.


The total exposure of the events reached up to 600 million people. The number of offline participants was 11,823 people, and total online and offline interaction reached 24 million times.

Zhao Liying Appeared in Shanghai Raffles to Pass on the Idea of "Sharing Happiness"

As Pocky's new spokesperson, Zhao Liying came to the scene on Pocky Day, and brought many surprises to consumers. She not only shared her recent works, but also generously showed people her WeChat Moments. Several groups of photos showed that she is a person who really likes to share. She shared a happy attitude, which is in line with Pocky's concept of Sharing Happiness. It is precisely because of this that Pocky and her began their cooperation.

On the day, Zhao Liying also invited fans to experience Pocky's interactive photo device. Everyone was attracted by it and stopped and take photos. The atmosphere was lively.

On the same day, the General Manager of Glico gave a bouquet of flowers to Zhao Liying.

The event invited 36 media, comprehensive covering magazines, Internet, social media and other media, which aroused heated discussion about Pocky Day once again.