GNC ✕ Shanghai Marathon

GNC is a well-known American dietary supplement brand. In November 2017, as the only dietary supplement brand, GNC sponsored the Shanghai Marathon for the third time.

GNC's "Triflex" is a product that can enhance the bones and joints. In order to promote this product during the marathon, we set up a new interactive game for the contestants, allowing them to experience bone and joint exercise at the scene.


We held this interactive game at the International Sporting Goods Expo three days before the Shanghai Marathon to let the participants experience the fun. We had an irregular set of buttons on the wall, and as the game began, the buttons randomly glowed, and the contestants had to beat the glowing buttons by bouncing up and down and sliding around within a specified time range. Two players could play at the same time and compete with each other, and post the results to the WeChat platform and get coupons of GNC Tmall flagship stores.

On the day of the marathon, GNC also provided ice bags at the end of the race to help participants protect their joints from long runs and injuries.

On the day of the International Sporting Goods Expo and the marathon, a total of more than 10,000 people visited the GNC event, and the number of followers of GNC's official WeChat account increased by 6,208.