The Repair Man Song

NGK G-power Series spark plug launch campaign


NGK is the world's No.1 automotive-used spark plug brand in the market share. It will launch the G-Power series spark plug products in China. This series of spark plugs is renowned for its cost-effective and has high popularity throughout the world. But in China, many of domestic spark plug brands with lower price still dominate the market. How to differentiate NGK from other domestic brands, improve the brand awareness of target audience, and increase the market share in the competitive Chinese market? In December 2017, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch created "The Repair Man Song" campaign for G-Power to solve this issue.


Our target group is the car repairman in China's 2nd and 3rd tier cities, who have lower social status, bear hard work in poor working environment, and are often despised in the society. However, they use their professional skills and meticulous professional ethics to eliminate vehicle breakdowns and to maintain the safety of the people. They are an indispensable part of the modern society. In some way, we hope to inspire the car mechanics’ sense of pride in their occupation.

The campaign is not commenting on the quality of the commodity itself. Rather, it focuses on the core idea of "being supported by the world." Deliver the concept that G-Power, as a spark plug brand, is deeply loved and embraced by the world's repairman. It now begins to enter into China’s market and is available to Chinese car repairman.


In order to shorten the distance with the targets, communicate the concept that G-Power is a product favored by the world's mechanics, we have composed a song "The Repair Man Song," which tells the stories of the car repairman. Express the repairman's spirit through the lyrics and invite repairman from all over the world to sing it together and produce a video. Through the spread of the video, show the Chinese repairman how the other repairman all over the world are like at work, in order to arouse their resonance and let them recognize the importance of job. Furthermore, it can raise the repairman's brand awareness of the G-power products, thus achieving the goal of increase the market share in the Chinese market.


Currently, the campaign is spreading on the major video platform and social media.