Students from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Fashion Communication Academy Visit Beijing Dentsu

On November 28, 2017, more than 30 students and teachers from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Fashion Communication Academy visited Beijing Dentsu. The advertising is their elective courses. The Beijing Dentsu PR and HR teams received the visiting on behalf of the company.


HR Managing Director Zhao Rong gave a welcome speech: "With the rapid development of digital technologies, the whole industry of communication has been changing quickly. As an internationally renowned 4A company, Beijing Dentsu is actively engaged in enterprise transformation and reform to adapt to the rapidly changing market demand, Therefore, there is an increasing demand for all kinds of talent to provide inexhaustible innovative momentum. At present, Beijing Dentsu has about 10 employees that graduated from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. We welcome more outstanding graduates from your collage to join Beijing Dentsu in the future."



HR Managing Director Zhao gave a welcome speech

Wu Zheng, Associate PR Director introduced Beijing Dentsu in terms of the group profile, development history, achievements, clients served, and other aspects to give the visitors a more comprehensive understanding of Beijing Dentsu.

Company introduction

In the creative sharing session, Chen Jianhao GCD introduced to the students: "if put simply, the goal of advertisers is to create a communication advantage for the client's brand, product or service. If put in a more complicated way, the goal of advertisers is to attempt to influence people's concepts or consumption values." The biggest difference between advertising agencies and online celebrities is that online celebrities can only help the brand owners to create short-term sales promotion. However, advertising agencies need to establish a long-term relationship with consumers for the brand." He specifically explained the three stages of consumer brand awareness, that is: knowing the brand, awareness of the brand and recognizing the brand. Beijing Dentsu has been committed to creating brands that can be recognized by consumers, and through "TCL-Bring Love Home", "Dongfeng Citroen-FAMI-NAVI", "Shanghai Xintiandi-RE_PIZZA", "FUJIFILM-Picture Book Without Pictures" and other Beijing Dentsu's works, he gave the students have a more specific understanding, and more profound feeling of the charm of advertising.

Creative sharing

In the Q & A session, the visiting students discussed with the lecturers about the topics of "the process of advertising creation; the qualities needed to become an excellent advertising professional; how should advertising professionals face the contradiction between the brand owner's pursuit of sales figures and being responsibile to the consumers; which is more important in the whole marketing process, the product or the marketing means; what is the real value of advertising professionals when the boundary between brand and agency is becoming more and more ambiguous" and so on. After the visit, the Prof. Dong Yan said: "Through the sharing of a front-line advertising professional, the students of fashion communication now have a better understanding of advertising and they have learned a lot of things that they can't find in books. I want to thank Beijing Dentsu for this opportunity, and I hope that the two sides will strengthen communication and interaction, so that more students will have opportunities to enter Beijing Dentsu to do internships or work."

At the scene

Beijing Dentsu inherits its passion and contribution to the Chinese advertising education from Tokyo Dentsu, and has maintained a good relationship with colleges and universities for a long time. Since 2013, it has been carrying out internship training programs for 5 consecutive years, and actively conducts sharing events with universities. It is dedicated to contributing to China's advertising education.

Group photo