Beijing Dentsu Ouyang Mingsheng Invited to Attend the 2017 Digital Sports Global Summit

On November 7th, 2017, the 2017 Digital Sports Global Summit organized by Tencent was held at the NUO Hotel in Beijing. Beijing Dentsu Senior Vice President Ouyang Mingsheng was invited to attend, discuss and share his cutting-edge thinking and experience on the "New Sports Era". Beijing Dentsu is the only 4A advertising agency invited to attend the summit as a guest with its wealth of experience and high-quality resources in the field of sports marketing.

With 20 years of experience in communications and media, not only has an in-depth understanding of communication strategies, but also specializes in advertising, creation, content marketing, Ouyang Mingsheng has a very unique insight into the field of sports marketing. In the "New Industry Era" panel discussion, Ouyang Mingsheng with Deputy General Manager of Tencent Sports Mr. Ding Mingrui, and Online Media Business Group Vice President of Tencent Luan Na discussed together surrounding topic of "The Impact of Big Event Marketing on Sports Branding". Ouyang Mingsheng said: "No matter what way of marketing you select, either pure sports or the combination of entertainment and sports, 'people' are the key. Marketing is only a means; the goal is to attract your targets." Talking about how brand owners can carry out sports marketing in 2018 when all kinds of big sports events take place, Ouyang Mingsheng suggested: "Now, many brands are doing big sports IP, how to make their own voice heard is what the brand owner should pay attention to. When a brand gets a sports sponsorship, a series of the following integrated marketing initiatives need to be explored and discussed between agencies and advertisers." When talking about the future trend of Chinese brand's sports marketing, Ouyang Mingsheng believes that, different from TV dramas and live shows which may have a clear bias, sports are very pure and clean, and are full of positive energy. It brings potential to the brand that is otherwise impossible. The future prospects for the development of sports marketing will be getting better and better. He hopes that: "The future of China's sports can become a 'Game', in which all participants can enjoy themselves and have fun."


Ouyang Mingsheng (middle) gave a speech at the "New Industry Era" panel discussion

Sports marketing is an important part of the sports industry at present. It is attracting the favor and attention of more and more brand owners. With the extensive marketing experience and unique industry resources of the Dentsu Inc. headquarters, Beijing Dentsu has been actively boosting the development of sports marketing. In 2015 we promoted the cooperation between Alibaba and FIFA, helped it become the first Chinese enterprise title sponsor of FIFA, and brought this sports event to China, which had a seminal influence on the whole Chinese sports industry. In 2017 we succeeded in upgrading Alibaba's title sponsorship of FIFA Club World Cup from "Alibaba YUNOS Auto" to "Alibaba Cloud", which showcases Alibaba's capabilities to provide state-of-the-art technology. In the future, as sports marketing constantly expands boundaries, it will also become transboundary and boundless. Beijing Dentsu will continue to leverage this powerful marketing tool to help clients create sustainable and powerful brands.


At the 2017 Digital Sports Global Summit


* The 2017 Digital Sports Global Summit is China's first large international summit that focuses on digital sports development. Around the theme of the "New Sports Era", it explores and discusses the trends that new generation users, digital media and the global sports industry face in the changing times. The "New Sports Era" concept includes three aspects, which are: new users, new media and new industry. They form three progressive and interactive concepts: the changes in demand of the new users create the new media, which requires the entire industry to evolve and change simultaneously.