Beijing Dentsu Won the 2017 Tangrams Effectiveness @ Spikes Gold Award


On September 27, 2017, Tangrams Effectiveness @ Spikes Awards (the former Asian Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy Awards (AMES)) award ceremony was held in Singapore. Beijing Dentsu's work Air Pollution Discount was awarded the Data and Analytics Gold Tangram. This was the second time that Beijing Dentsu won this award after the 2 Bronze Awards last year. Representative of the winning team, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch CCO/CDC China Executive Director Kazuki Tsuburaku attended the award ceremony.

Representative of the winning team Kazuki Tsuburaku

Gold Award trophy

Gold Award winning work - Air Pollution Discount 
"The worse the air pollution is, the cheaper the mask will be."

We created the "Air Pollution Discount" website for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company, which is linked to China's domestic air quality index (AQI) in real time. According to the location information indicated by the GPS on smartphone, it accesses the region's real-time PM2.5 data. The more serious the air pollution is in the region, then the greater discount the consumers in that region can get, so that everyone can buy Kobayashi's masks at a lower price. With such an interesting interactive experience, while enjoying the benefits, it improves people to pay attention to air pollution prevention measures.


In recent years, Beijing Dentsu has paid attention to enhance planning and creative capabilities, and it successfully appeared in Campaign Brief Asia 2017 China's Hottest Agencies Top 10. In the future, we will continue to inherit the Dentsu Group philosophy of "Good Innovation." and keep innovation.

* Tangrams Effectiveness @ Spikes Awards (the former Asian Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy Awards) has been held for 15 years. It is an important award in the Asia-Pacific region, which focuses on the results and aims to recognize outstanding marketing strategies in the region. Thea awards include 5 categories, that is, Effectiveness, Media Strategy, Digital Strategy, Data and Analytics and e-Commerce.