Beijing Dentsu Launches Social Branding Design Center

A new business unit empowering clients in digital & social marketing and digital transformation, with a vision of “generating the power of brand that drives continuous business growth”

Beijing Dentsu announced the launch of a new business unit by reorganizing part of its Beijing headquarters, in order to strengthen the company's support for clients prospering in China, the world's most advanced digital market that continues to evolve at a remarkable pace. The new business unit, "Social Branding Design Center (aka SDC)", will be focused on offering integrated digital solutions with extensive and in-depth marketing intelligence as well as state-of-the-art digital marketing methods.

Nowadays digital devices have become an integral part of people's living and in turn have brought about drastic changes in the way people live. As such, it is vitally important for marketers to get to grips with the changing consumer behaviors so as to develop and execute sheer consumer-oriented digital solutions. At Social Branding Design Center, we provide digital transformation support, consulting, planning, creative and activation in digital & social marketing as a one-stop-shop. In keeping with the vision of "generating the power of brand that drives continuous business growth" for clients, we design consumers' entire behaviours in a seamless way combining digital and real life.




● The concept of Social Branding Design

Continuously support customer journeys on a personal basis to turn customers into brand supporters

> Basic concept: in this modern age when social media have become the central information route for consumers, we design and materialize the ideal ways that people feel about, react and give feedbacks towards products and services across social media. In doing so, brands will form steadily in people's minds and generate fans. We define the new way of nurturing brands as "Social Branding Design", and are enthusiastic to provide it to our clients.


● The four core services of Social Branding Design

> Journey & Activation Design to acquire more new customers

> Fan Making Design to retain customers and nurture them into brand fans

> Ambassador Design to make fans speak out their favorable feelings and perceptions on brands, whereby new customers could be acquired

> Service & Product Design to create products and services, which reinforce brands power, on the basis of customers' voice


● Value propositions to clients

> Turn existing customers into brand fans; enhance life time value

> Identify and efficiently acquire promising new customers through analyzing existing customers & social followers

> Step up both existing customer development and new customers acquisition by establishing a social-centric brand system

> Design and develop leads to EC and brick-and-mortar; regular monitoring

> Others: effect visualization / appropriate KPIs derivation/ product service development based on customers analysis


● External partners

> Fully cooperate with other specialists within Dentsu Aegis Network. (the leading US CRM operation company Merkle, EC specialist VeryStar Linked by Isobar, Digital media agency &c., SEM expert iProspect, etc.) by leveraging the unique Operating Model of DAN

> Co-develop state-of-the-art methods with Dentsu Digital (Tokyo), who has a solid track record in the Japanese digital market, to cater for different clients' needs

> Support clients' overseas business expansion through DAN's global network across 145 countries


> Beijing Dentsu, Board Director, SVP: Akio Oyo

> Managing Director of Social Branding Design Center: Yutaro Numata

> Special Adviser: Ryohei Mitsuhashi



• With 20 years of experience in media and communication industry, Akio specializes in advertising, creative, sports & contents marketing, and client management. Currently, he serves as Senior Vice President of Beijing Dentsu.

• His career with Dentsu began at Tokyo HQ, and later he relocated to Dentsu China's Guangzhou and Beijing offices, pursuing the challenge to expand business in China. Having managed the marketing communication businesses for Toyota, Lexus, Huawei and Midea for years both globally and regionally, Akio has obtained in-depth understanding of the communication strategies and excels in building tailor-made solutions, especially when facing the complexities such as cultural differences. He has earned the clients' trust by leading the brands and products to become successful across the region.

• He holds a Master's degree in Film from Nihon University College of Art, and majored in Directing at China University of Communications.

• He enjoys traveling, history and arts for a pastime.



• Yutaro specializes in brand development for clients in automobile, finance, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, education and telecoms. He develops comprehensive brand strategies by integrating adverts and non-adverts, real and virtual through digital solutions.

• Yutaro joined Beijing dentsu in 2008.

• With a track record of innovative communication design, such as the S-CRM project linking SNS to CRM and other projects connecting SNS to brick-and-mortar stores, Yutaro has won a number of renowned Chinese advertising awards, including the Great-wall Awards Gold.

• He received a Master's degree from Keio University with exchange program at Beijing International Studies University. He first visited China in 1988.

• He is an aficionado of Japanese fencing.



• Dentsu Digital (Tokyo), Relationship Marketing Division, Director

• Ryohei started his journey in the internet business from the very early days, getting involved in media development, site construction, digital communication planning, and UI / UX design and implementation. When seconded to EC Mall, he looked after business operation, production, CRM, marketing and system and succeeded in turning the business into profit. After that, he launched his own EC system, taking charge of developing and implementing digital marketing plans, such as EC-related business plans, EC branding and omni-channel strategies, and services and business development.

• He has won awards including CANNES LIONS Gold, Interactive Ad Award/Gold, Good Design Award, etc.