Shanghai Dentsu X Family Mart, Create a Self-made IP Together

Recently, the convenience store brand FamilyMart worked together with Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch (below call "Shanghai Dentsu" for short) to create its own IP, which is a new IP marketing method.

全家 - 副本500.jpg

At present, the most brands take advantage of IP but face the fact of high-quality IP's high costs and scarcity, the level of homogeneity too high to show differences. With these trends, FamilyMart and Shanghai Dentsu are jointly developed a Character. From creation to development, from design to operation, the Character is not just an illustration or a cartoon image, it will also have a distinct personality and individuality. Through continuously manufacturing diversified content, improving brand image management and using resources to spread, the Character will become a unique IP. A self-made IP does not only significantly save costs, it also creates differentiated advantages for the brand and opens up a new profit model for the brand in the future through business derivative and cross-border cooperation.

The FamilyMart brand was established in 1972 in Japan, its service outlets cover Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Los Angeles (of the United States), and so on. In 2004, it formally entered the Chinese market and by the end of 2016, the total number of its stores reached more than 2000 nationwide. As a retail business company with a long-term strategic vision and the pursuit of steady development, FamilyMart has now entered a rapid development period. To seek a breakthrough in the industry's fierce competition, FamilyMart joined hands with Shanghai Dentsu to innovate the traditional marketing method of borrowing IP into the new marketing method of creating IP. This will undoubtedly be a strong alliance.

In fact, before IP marketing became a popular trend, Dentsu created a successful Character design operation case in 2005. 7-11 of Taiwan, Dentsu One and Dentsu Inc. jointly developed an IP Character named OPEN. From an initial brand spokesperson to an accessory and mascot that slowly separated from the brand of 7-11, it has transitioned into an authorized character, successfully turning OPEN into an IP and attracting a large number of product placements and sponsorship. After four years, it has become the second favorite international Character and has created more than one billion new Taiwan dollars of annual output value for the brand, becoming one of Taiwan's most successful corporate image characters.