Canon EOS M Brand Promotion Campaign


At present, SONY occupies the most market share of digital SLR camera, how to increase the population of Canon EOS M?


We found that SONY has more than 60% market share in digital SLR camera market,  while the young women have important influence to the brand's reputation. On the basis of the target group, we create the depth topics to build EOS M brand.


Invite Lu Han, who are very popular in the Chinese young people, as the spokesperson. Created a topic every Friday for 7 weeks from Valentine's Day on February 14. Advertised to television, outdoor, mobile advertising and other media which the target group can reach at the same time from the end of March. Create "M Deer & Cat" cartoon image and make peripheral products. The promotion of peripheral products are also turned into the hot topic.


The view of the video and related PR production are more than 50 million, and social media forwarding are more than 1 million. EOS M's popularity is more than 50%, increasing 8% from last year. EOS M6 won the Top 1 in ZOL Billboard when it began to sell.