"Run towards challenge" A Dunlop Brand New Campaign

In July, Dunlop launched its 2017 new brand campaign, inviting a number of outstanding athletes to showcase the spirit of the theme: Run towards challenge. This campaign was created by Shanghai Dentsu. Dunlop has always paid particular attention to conveying a positive spirit to the public and showing its excellent technologies.


Athletes give an interpretation of the spirit of Run towards challenge

This time, Dunlop chose the theme of Run towards challenge. They invited Chinese basketball player Liu Xiaoyu, Chinese female football player Zhao Lina, Chinese tennis player Wang Qiang to give their endorsements and combined with sports marketing, helped the public to understand the theme. This vividly showcased Dunlop's brand spirit of continuous experience, and going beyond itself, further confirming Dunlop's brand attitude of constantly innovating technologies and striving for excellence in the past century.


Chinese basketball player Liu Xiaoyu believes that "strong control of power can change the world," just like Dunlop's painstaking efforts in the study of nanoscale rubber structures. In order to achieve the level of excellent performance, it has highly integrated precise handling and excellent stability into the luxury SUV special type of tires, SP SPORT MAXX 050+. Thus, the tires can keep all the complexity of traffic under control, allowing driver to have a confident and fascinating driving experience.


Chinese female football player Zhao Lina advocates "continuous and steady performance comes from numerous self-refinement", which is just like Dunlop's commitment to the innovation of tires. In order to offer a green and energy-saving option, it introduced the environmentally friendly tire ENASAVE EC300+ and inserted the concept of environmental protection into the driving experience to create a wonderful environment for car, man and society.


Chinese tennis player Wang Qiang gave a wonderful interpretation of "a million times of swings only for the difference of a hair's breadth" just as the Dunlop's insight into the core of Rubber Technology. In order to ensure a free and safe riding experience, it developed the balanced and practical tire SP TOURING R1 with continually refined technology, redefining the sheer pleasure of driving safely and freely all the time.

Dunlop constantly improve, leading development through "rubber technology innovation and transforming tires"

As a world-renowned tire brand, Dunlop is just like the athletes in the campaign. In order to become better and achieve more excellent results, it upholds the spirit of Run towards challenge. It constantly refines itself and breaks through research and development issues through constant technological innovation, always leading the development of the industry with cutting-edge technology.

From 1888, when it invented "the world's first pneumatic tires," to today's luxury SUV-special special tires SP SPORT MAXX 050+ using the 4D innovative nanoscale design, the environmentally friendly tire ENASAVE EC300+ and the balanced and practical tire SP TOURING R1, Dunlop has never stopped at yesterday's remarkable achievements. Through the development of rubber technology, it enhances the tire performance levels. With advanced technology, Dunlop ensures a safe driving experience and creates a better quality of life.