Lenovo Laptop × One Piece Cooperation Edition


With the release of One Piece film in China in November 2016 and the 20th anniversary of the publication of One Piece in 2017, the fans' ardor and favor for One Piece came back. How to increase the target audience of Lenovo 小新 laptops and enhance sales using this classic animation which gained popularity and fans world-wide? 


We pay tribute to the classic and blood boiling youth by launching One Piece exclusive official authorized 小新 laptops and peripheral products. It will convert the fans of One Piece into customers of the Lenovo 小新 laptops.


We designed and customized One Piece edition for the Lenovo laptops and peripheral products.


1. Enriched the Lenovo 小新 laptops customized categories

2. Expanded the target audience of the Lenovo 小新 laptops

3. Advanced the rejuvenation of Lenovo brand