Kiss Lesson

Shanghai Dentsu’s campaign for Panasonic Shaver

The eleventh manner - Hero saves beauty


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If a man's beard is not shaved cleanly, the stubble will hurt the lady when he tries to kiss her.

Without a perfect kissing moment, the lady's impression of the guy will be impaired.

A shaver is a common cleaning tool for guys.

However, ladies are the best judges for shaver.

Because they have a more direct and intimate feeling about the effect.

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Inspired by this, Shanghai Dentsu had this idea.

The kiss lesson of Panasonic shaver aims at reminding guys to surprise the ladies and care at every chance in life and fill the sweet romance with freshness and happiness in an ordinary life. Of course, a clean and tidy face is the pre-requisite and Panasonic's shaver can get it done better.

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By using of the influence of Gao Yunxiang, the campaign for Panasonic shaver is composed of a series of funny and witty video clips, directly showing the product features to the consumers.

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The campaign "Share Kiss Lessons to win a Panasonic LAMDASH shaver" is going on now.

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For more videos and details of the promotion, please go to the campaign website: