"Care for Children, Let’s Paint Together"

Beijing Dentsu "One Day for Change" CSR Volunteer Activity

On June 3, 2017, the CSR volunteer activity "One Day for Change - Care for Children, Let's Paint Together" was successfully held in Beijing Dentsu. This activity was planned by Beijing Dentsu and co-organized with 4 DCG Beijing members, including &c., Dentsu PR, Dentsu One, and a non-profit organization Lide Social Service Institution. Akimasa Baba, CEO of Beijing Dentsu, Phil Satoshi Kono, CEO of &c., Zhengyan, CEO of Dentsu PR, and Hou Hongmin, EVP of Beijing Dentsu as well as over 60 volunteers from four companies of DCG Beijing attended the event with 35 children who are 6 to 12 years old.


The activity started with the speech by CEO Akimasa Baba. He pointed out, "Undertaking the social responsibility, Dentsu Aegis Network China often carries out corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. In 2016, DAN formulated a new global CSR strategy – the 2020 Future Proof – with a new strategic core of 'advocating a sustainable lifestyle'. It is a pleasure that so many employees are coming to participate in this charity painting activity, which not only gave full play to the creative and communication skills of an advertising company, but also provided care and support for children. I hope you all can contribute more to the society while sharing this happiness."


Speech by CEO Akimasa Baba

"Thank you all very much for the hard work of Beijing Dentsu and the DCG Beijing during this event. You provide such great public service platform, on which the children can not only get an opportunity to learn painting with design masters, but also deliver love to the miners' children in Mentougou District through their paintings and actions," said Chen Tongtong, Representative of Lide Social Service Institution.


During the event, guided by volunteers, 35 children participated in the interactive games and the "Our Children's Day" themed painting. The children were divided into four groups. Each group was assigned a "painting guide", who was responsible for stimulating children's creativity and developing their imagination, a "recorder" to take a photo of every wonderful moment, and "caregivers" to ensure one-to-one protection and assistance throughout the event. Under the guidance of the volunteers, the children were familiar with each other through interactive games and quickly adapted to the activity. With their brushes, they expressed their happiness from the Children's Day activities and the care for the miners' children.


Group A was represented in the warm and lovely yellow


Group B was represented by an elegant and soft light pink


Group C was represented by calm and relaxed blue


Group D was represented in a natural and vigorous green

The Children introduced their works

"One Day for Change" is an annual volunteer program initiated by Dentsu Aegis Network that has been held once a year since 2013. Beijing Dentsu is active in it every year. For this year's theme "Care for Children", Beijing Dentsu planned this event by taking advantage of being expert in communication and possessing professional painting talents as an advertising company, in the hope of conveying love to the children who need love. At the same time, this is also a love relay. In addition to inviting the children to visit Beijing Dentsu and make on-site interaction with the employees, the paintings will also be shown in the office area for a week for fund and material raising and we will also pass on the love. All raised funds will be donated to children in Datai mining area, Mentougou District, Beijing, who are more in need of help, in forms of schoolbags, stationery and other school supplies and sporting goods.

A staircase gallery decorated with the work collections

The volunteers and children established friendship and deepen understanding of each other through this event. This also enhanced the employees' awareness of caring for children and the dedication of love, which will contribute to the healthy growth of children.

IMG_3137 (2).JPG

Dentsu PR CEO Zhengyan (the 2nd from the left of the second row) issued certificates

IMG_3122 (2).JPG

&c. CEO Phil Satoshi Kono (the 4th from the left of the back row) issued certificates


Beijing Dentsu CEO Akimasa Baba (the 1st from the left of the third row) issued certificates


Beijing Dentsu EVP Hou Hongmin (the 1st from the left of the third row) issued certificates


Group photo


* "One Day for Change" is a vital part of the global CSR program "Future Proof" of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN), which is dedicated in working together through all brands of the group and through a variety of volunteer activities to bring change to the people in need of help.