Dentsu & Tencent "Embrace a Better Future"

——The Innovative Cooperation Seminar jointly organized by DAN and Tencent

On May 10, 2017, Dentsu Aegis Network joined with Tencent held the "Embrace a Better Future" seminar successfully. Akimasa Baba, CEO of Beijing Dentsu and more than 60 people from Beijing Dentsu and &c. attended seminar. They discussed the cooperation and sharing in data, self-made show and automobile industry solution area.

Akimasa Baba first addressed the seminar. He said, "Tencent owns indispensable media resources and it is also a company possessing diversified products. Besides taking Tencent as a simple media for proposal, everyone should integrated strategic thinking on business strategy and the platform strategy relying on the powerful Value Chain of Tencent. It is expected that Beijing Dentsu can be fruitful in communicating with Tencent to create more cooperation opportunities for customers."


Beijing Dentsu CEO Akimasa Baba addressed the seminar

Guo Silin, General Manager of Key Client Development of Tencent, deeply shared Tencent's stories, digital integrated marketing and cooperation prospects. As one of the world's top 10 most valuable enterprises, Tencent not only owns powerful media resources but also can take advantage of the ecological chain of "connecting everything" to provide marketing solutions for the brand to create a "closed marketing loop".


Guo Silin, GM of Tencent Key Client Development

Kiki Fan, General Manager of Planning & Implementation Department of Tencent, introduced Tencent's "赋能" marketing plan in 2017, to energize higher brand value for advertisers through "technical driving force, original marketing force, and scene linking force".


Kiki Fan, General Manager of Planning & Implementation Department of Tencent

The lecturer from Tencent first introduced the internet marketing trend in 2017 and successful cooperation cases. Later, the lecturer from the Data Marketing Department shared the currently popular big data marketing and pointed out that big data is not equivalent to data marketing and all-round data analysis can provide more precise strategy service. In terms of content marketing, Tencent’s self-made show commercial producer came to the scene and interpreted the latest three trends of video and self-made drama, namely content reach, original nature, and IP value. Regarding the wonderful contents put in the friend circle of the automobile industry, the lecturer from the WeChat Advertising Center shared solutions and cases from "new cars launched to the market quickly catching eyes, accurate data orientation loyal to users, enriching products and spreading brands, combined launch enhancing reputation and commercial value, and new technologies and new applications". Colleagues participating in the seminar expressed that they benefited a lot and expected to join with Tencent in the future to create more possibilities for clients.


The seminar is a part of the project that Dentsu Aegis Network and Tencent further deepen comprehensive strategic cooperation. In future, Beijing Dentsu will also closely cooperate with Tencent relying on the advantages of the group, provide more accurate and competitive solutions to fulfill the brand value for our clients.


The seminar