Beijing Dentsu Won 3 prizes in the “The Best of the Best” Awards

On 27 April, 2017, the 6th "The Best of the Best" JCDecaux Metro Advertising Awards successfully hold. Nearly 300 representatives from various brands, creative agencies, media agencies, and industry experts attended the ceremony.

Beijing Dentsu's work Pocky Share Happiness was awarded with 3 prizes: the Best Interactive Creative Advertisement, Best Use of Space, and the highest honor the Creation Platinum Award. Beijing Dentsu Shanghai branch and CDC China won the Creative Agency of the Year Award.

Beijing Dentsu's work Pocky Share Happiness

To convey Pocky's "Share Happiness" concept, the award-winning work Pocky Share Happiness creates entirely new underground passages "Pocky Orchestra Road", which connected sensors to computers. There were five instrument sounds distinguished with five colors on the floor. When passers stepped on the sensors of different colors, a sound of corresponding instrument followed, thus more types of instruments would play if there were more people. Through interaction with people around, the passers played together a unique symphony.

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Mito CD (right), the representative of Beijing Dentsu CDC China, received award

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Award trophies


The Best of the Best JCDecaux Metro Advertising Award

* About the Best of the Best JCDecaux Metro Advertising Award: The Best of the Best Metro Advertising Awards is referred to as BOB, set up to reward the best subway advertisement creations from last year, the awards take into consideration the creation and use of media. It is a grand, outdoor media award ceremony presented to advertisers, media planners, and creative talents.