K Tsuburaku Was Invited to Be the Judge of the Cannes Young Lions China Competition

On May 02, 2017, the Cannes Young Lions China Competition sponsored by the Modern Advertising magazine was held in Beijing. K Tsuburaku, Executive Creative Director of Beijing Dentsu CDC China, was invited to be the judge in the competition for the third year. The competition also invited well-known industry experts including Chen Yaofu, Shen Xiang and other creative talents as jury members. Beijing Dentsu contestant Pang Qichao and DAN contestant Guo Zihao teamed up to participate in the intense competition for the Cannes Young Lions this year, who only reached the second place in the online category.

*About the Young Lions China Competition: the 2017 Young Lions China Competition was hosted by the Modern Advertising magazine. Inheriting Cannes Lions' spirit of cultivating the new generation's creative talents, the professional categories are divided into 7 groups: graphic, film, online, design, media, marketing and PR, which will select 7 groups of contestants to train in Cannes.

Young lion4-5.jpg

Young lion3-5.jpg

At the scene of the competition


Beijing Dentsu's contestants

Young lion2-5.jpg

Group photo of jury members and contestants