New Office, New Start

Beijing Dentsu's 23rd Anniversary Celebration

May 5, 2017, to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Beijing Dentsu and the relocation to a new office, Beijing Dentsu held its 23 rd anniversary celebration with the theme of New Office, New Start in the public area on 5F. Akimasa Baba, CEO of Beijing Dentsu, Hou Hongmin and Jia Ning, Executive Vice Presidents, and Tang Qian, Senior Vice President celebrated and shared the joyful moment along with the staff.


On the site of the celebration

The celebration started with CEO Baba's speech: "Today is the 23rd anniversary of Beijing Dentsu and the company won't grow without all staffs' efforts. In 2016, we developed some new clients on the basis of maintaining current clients and made an extraordinary achievement. Hereby, I want to award the top three business development teams in the Beijing head office. Although the perspective on the market for this year is not optimistic, we should not feel afraid but meet the ever-changing requirements of the market and clients in a more precise manner. As the proverb says "keep up with time", the company should also adjust itself to adapt to the changes of time. As the company has entered into its 24th year and officially moved to a new office, we want to say thank you all to the relocation team led by Mr. Hou. After the relocation, Beijing Dentsu will work with all the brands affiliated with DAN China in Beijing so that our collaboration will be strengthened. Let's create a more glorious chapter in this new office together!"


Mr. Akimasa Baba was delivering a speech

In the awards ceremony, Mr. Akimasa and Mr. Tang presented certificates to the top three BD teams in the Beijing office, which were LEXUS team in the AP Division 3, XENIA R7 team and the Chery team in the 2rd Business Division. In addition, Mr. Akimasa also presented gifts of thankfulness to the relocation team, without whom the relocation could not have been completed successfully.


Mr. Akimasa Baba and Mr. Tang Qian presented certificates to the top three BD teams


Mr. Akimasa Baba presented gifts to the relocation team

Since its establishment in 1994, Beijing Dentsu has experienced 23 years of development and growth. On the anniversary day, Mr. Akimasa and Mr. Hou cut the birthday cake together and commemorate the unforgettable moment with the staff. The company's growth is attributed to the staff's contribution. In the future, we will work together harder to make a better future!

Mr. Akimasa Baba and Mr. Hou Hongmin were cutting the birthday cake


A group photo