Beijing Dentsu Created Toyota and Wanli Tire Exhibition Booths

The 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition was held at the Shanghai from April 19-28, 2017. Beijing Dentsu was honored to work with Toyota to design and build its exhibition booth themed with TNGA Fun, TNGA Way, telling the past and future of Toyota's concept model TNGA, which attracted a huge crowd of visitors. In addition, Beijing Dentsu also designed and built Wanli Tire's exhibition booth which showcased the future development strategy and direction of Wanli Tire and reviewed its glorious achievements made in 2016.


TOYOTA exhibition booth


Wanli Tire exhibition booth

In the exhibition, Toyota showcased two TNGA concept cars and told a story about how Toyota adhered to the mission of producing better cars by solving the real problem on-site and putting people first. They challenged the subject of development in different historic periods in the automobile industry and realized the car-making philosophy of common evolution by showcasing the history, energy saving and environmental protection, safety technology and corporate spirit of Toyota. The design of the exhibition booth combined Toyota's promotion appeal of the year and KV application. The key point of TNGA Fun, TNGA Way was built into a large dimensional structure that was the highlight of the booth. After discussing with the client, we decided to introduce how the TNGA concept came into being in an appealing and gradual way by showcasing some of the historical Toyota car models. VR and interactive presentation were applied consecutively to constantly make audiences better understand Toyota's technology in an effective way. The video played on Toyota's booth restored the concept car's original appearance with a 3D model to show the key points of the concept car. The first-used front-loaded LED screen and interaction show attracted more audiences come to the exhibition booth to understand Toyota's car-making concept and corporate philosophy in an effective way.


Toyota's two TNGA concept cars


Toyota's car-making history area




Intelligent Safety x Technology Experience Area

2017 was the first time for Wanli Tire to participate in the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. The exhibition stage design is featured with black, red and white as well as the elements of race track and race cars. Wanli's strength is highlighted via D1 boutique showcase cabin, VR car race game interaction and experience area as well as the achievement of the 11 championship titles in 15 stops in 2016 D1 China, Japan, Russian and Philippine Car Race. The F concept tire (F represented Future, Flagship, Full) and its full series tire products were showcased to highlight Wanli's technological strength. From branding and technology, Wanli delivered its attitude of facing the future as an international brand different from other domestic brands.


F concept tire


VR car race game interaction and experience area

Beijing Dentsu successfully supported Toyota and Wanli Tire to complete their mission at the exhibition by coordinating with various parties, stage design and operation arrangement and fully showed its comprehensive capability in planning and organizing events.