2017 Beijing Dentsu Planting Activity

On April 9, 2017, Beijing Dentsu held a tree-planting activity in TooToo Organic Farm, which is the fifth year that the Beijing Dentsu trade union has held tree-planting activities. Beijing Dentsu CEO Akimasa Baba, Vice President Hou Hongmin and Jia Ning, and about 100 employees took part in this activity. CEO Akimasa Baba said: "Although this is the first time I participated in the Beijing Dentsu trade union's tree planting activities, I was very happy, and we will contribute to solving Beijing's environmental problems through this activity. Dentsu Aegis Network has always dedicated to a variety of CSR activities, and the theme is 'care for children' for this year. I hope we will all actively participate in it. This year is the 24th year since Beijing Dentsu established. Beijing Dentsu has gradually grown from a sapling into a big tree, I hope that Beijing Dentsu can grow into a robust giant tree under our joint efforts.”

CEO Akimasa Baba gave a speech

At the planting site, all segments were well organized. The leaders were engrossed in planting with great energy. All employees gave their full spirits of teamwork and helping each other. Through our efforts, 100 young trees were planted.

Tree planting site

This activity not only enhances everyone's consciousness of planting trees, but also increase the awareness of concern and participation in the protection of the ecological environment in order to create a good living environment. In the future, Beijing Dentsu will continue to carry out more public welfare events and environmental protection activities, to contribute to environmental protection and society.

Group photo