NGK F1 Cars Repairing Challenge



NGK is Japanese high quality engine plug brand. It is widely used to vehicles all over the world, even to rockets and F1 cars. However, the market share is very low in China. Our target is local car mechanics, who only use engine plug made by well-known local brands. 



We focused on car mechanics' professionalism. We wanted to make them feel proud of the fact that "NGK plugs are chosen by F1 cars", and share the story with their customers.



Surrounding the core idea "NGK plug = F1 quality", we wanted to show car mechanics' experience that NGK's high quality plug is for professionals through the video. With supported by bosses of young car mechanics in 4 cities, we played the pranks of challenges to change engine plugs of formula car without telling them. Base on these 100% real and non-fiction challenges, we shot process and created 4 viral videos.