"Dentsu Automobile China Customer Survey 2016" Media Conference Held Successfully

On March 17, 2017, the DACCS 2016 (Dentsu Automobile China Customer Survey) media conference was held in Beijing Dentsu, which is the second issue following the DACCS 2015. Beijing Dentsu Senior Vice President Ouyang Mingsheng, Integrated Planning Center (hereinafter referred to as "IPC") Senior Group Strategy Director Daiki Tutui, IPC Group Account Director Ma Yinong, IPC Deputy Account Director Ping Jing, as well as more than 20 journalists from automotive and advertising industry attended the media conference.

The poster of media conference

The media conference was hosted by PR Director Zhang Mu. Firstly, Daiki Tutui explained the survey background of DACCS 2016 from the two aspects of "China's automobile market development status" and "China's automobile consumers' characteristics", and introduced the core team members of DACCS 2016.

IPC Senior Group Strategy Director Daiki Tutui explained the background of survey

Then Ping Jing gave an in-depth interpretation on the details of DACCS 2016. In order to better help advertisers understand and grasp the characteristics of Chinese automobile consumers, the 2016 DACCS continued and strengthened the depth and breadth of the survey in 2015, based on the "values of automobile" and "consumer awareness of automobile", the survey has carried out the group classification research on 4680 respondents from 57 first to sixth tier cities of the seven regions in China. Meanwhile, according to the actual sales situation of the automobile market, the car price range is set between 50-350 thousand Yuan. On the basis of the survey in 2015, DACCS 2016 has added new energy vehicles, including hybrid vehicles (HEV), into the survey. Combining the results of the analysis of the respondent attributes, lifestyle, car buying properties and so on, the survey depicts the most representative profiling of the eight groups.

IPC Deputy Account Director Ping Jing introduced DACCS 2016 content

In the Q&A session, journalists from autohome.com, the National Internet Information Office, adquan.com conducted in-depth discussion with the IPC colleagues on the issues related to the content of DACCS 2016.

The journalist of autohome.com asked question

The journalist of adquan.com asked question

IPC Group Account Director Ma Yinong answered journalists' questions


Finally, Ouyang Mingsheng gave a conclusion speech, where he delivered an interpretation from 3 aspects: the scope and method of the survey, dimensions of the big data, and application trends of big data.

Beijing Dentsu Senior Vice President Ouyang Mingsheng

The DACCS 2016 is aimed to help professionals in automobile and other related industries to deeply observe automotive consumers' thinking and choices behind their purchasing behaviors. "Data Marketing" is one of the key works of Beijing Dentsu this year, in the future we will focus on the development and application of big data to help advertisers solve related issues, and at the same time, provide direction to the industry trend. 

At the media conference

   【DACCS 2016 China's Customer Groups Analysis】

   【DACCS 2016 China's Customer Groups Regional Distribution】

 Source: DACCS 2016 data

【DACCS2016 China's Customer Groups Positioning】

In the future, people can use the result of DACCS 2016 and carry out different dimensions analysis according to actual business needs. 

<Example ①: Basic Properties> 

 Source: DACCS 2016 data

< Example ②: Awareness of Automobile> 

 Source: DACCS 2016 data