A Beautiful Transformation of Shanghai Subway Tunnel

ELIXIR Eye-catching Creative Campaign

On March 19, 2017, shimmering gold sequins were hung on the ceiling of the Shanghai Xujiahui Line 1/9/11 subway station tunnel. Combined with the lighting effect, it looked resplendent with bright colors, which attracted all passing passengers to stop and take pictures of it.


This shimmering golden tunnel is a creative campaign titled "Meet the Better You" that Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch has created for ELIXIR.

In order to meet the brand's demand of taking advantage of the subway media resource that has a large flow of traffic to promote the product selling point, and to attract attention and generate user memory points, we came up with creative ideas for decorating the two sides and the top of the tunnel. For the walls of the two sides, the original 90-second TVC was split into three different parts: work, home and social life, so that introduced different product combinations in order to convey the message that the products can help you "Meet the Better You" to resonate with the audience. And for the 180 square meter ceiling, we invited 30 craftsmen to create the core selling points of the products - “水玉光” by making 162,000 6-cm-diameter sequins into 27,000 pieces of lighting strings, which took a total of 184 hours to finish. At the same time, we added 5,400 strings of "shooting-star-shape lights" and 1,040 "powerful-effect lights". After 60 hours' installation work, the effect of shimmering golden “水玉光” was appeared to everyone, and with the brand pictures that showed on the two sides of tunnel, it created an intensive memory point to people.

After the tunnel was presented to the public, it received a great response: many passengers could not help stopping and taking photos of it when they walked through the tunnel.


At the same time, thousands of pictures of “水玉光”were uploaded to social media, which created the hot topic of #Xujiahui new landmark# and promote the popularity of the campaign.


The strong online response has also attracted the attention of media and received intense media coverage.



This shimmering“水玉光”tunnel is from Xujiahui to the Bund. It provides passengers walking in Xujiahui subway station tunnel a world-class sensory experience within the dozens of seconds.