The World's First! Discounts Change According to the Air Pollution Index

Enhance the mask utilization in the air pollution areas


China is currently in the stage of rapid economic growth with strong purchasing power. As long as enterprises put out a large amount of advertising, they can attract consumers to buy their products. But in recent years, with the massive popularity of smart phones, consumers who can access a large number of information everyday began to assess the value of the enterprises with their own thinking before they decide to purchase.


Under this background, the value of an enterprise is more than simply showing the good or bad sides of products, but is also about having a positive impact on China's society.

In recent years, China has been plagued by smog and the PM2.5 is high stubbornly. However, since many people have become accustomed to this kind of environment, they do not take any protection measure, which is currently a major social problem.

To enhance people's awareness of the air pollution, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch and CDC China collaborated with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company jointly developed "Air Pollution Discount" website that allows people to maintain sustained attention on measures against air pollution.



"The worse the air pollution is, the cheaper the mask will be." The "Air Pollution Discount" website is linked to China's domestic air quality index (AQI) in real time. According to the location information indicated by the GPS on smartphone, it accesses the region's real-time PM2.5 data. The more serious the air pollution is in the region, then the greater discount the consumers in that region can get, so that everyone can buy Kobayashi's masks at a lower price. With such an interesting interactive experience, while enjoying the benefits, it improves people to pay attention to air pollution prevention measures.

※ This event is produced by Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch and CDC CHINA, ended on January 23rd, 2017.

※  CDC CHINA is a brand under Beijing Dentsu set by international award-winning CDC (Communication Design Center), a Dentsu Tokyo subsidiary.