Picture Book without Pictures Acquires Gold Lotus

Beijing Dentsu wins a gold award at ADFEST 2017

ADFEST 2017 was held from 22 to 25 March in Pattaya, Thailand. Beijing Dentsu has submitted 7 entries. In the awards ceremony held on the evening of March 24th, Beijing Dentsu CDC China's work PICTURE BOOK WITHOUT PICTURES won Gold Award of Design Lotus and FAMI-NAVI won Bronze Award of the Mobile Lotus. ECD Kazuki Tsuburaku and other representatives of the winning team went onstage to accept the honor. After the silver award last year, Beijing Dentsu obtained awards in the ADFEST once again and won the gold award this time. Also, this is the first gold award the mainland China agencies have won at this ADFEST.


Beijing Dentsu CDC China winning team received the petal-shaped Lotus trophy onstage


Beijing Dentsu representatives group photo at ADFEST 2017

How can we improve children's creativity against the general spoon-feeding education in China? Beijing Dentsu CDC China collaborated with Dentsu Tokyo, and worked with Fujifilm to develop a book named PICTURE BOOK WITHOUT PICTURES. It's an apparently ordinary illustrated handbook, but there are no pictures as you open it up. The children have to use the Instax photos taken by themselves to complete the illustrated handbook, which allows the children to master the ability of independent thinking and expression, to use unlimited creativity and get rid of a fixed way of thinking. This illustrated handbook can be put into use in kindergarten, where the kids can know each other and learn from the content they have created. In today's development of digital technology, instead of only comparing with digital cameras and smart phones, this campaign chases to provide educational support to improve children's creativity.



In addition, Beijing Dentsu's Bronze Award winning work Fami-Navi is a Public Welfare campaign about driving safety that Beijing Dentsu CDC China has created for Dongfeng Citroen. It has already won many awards and attracted a great attention in Asia Pacific region before this award.

ADFEST 2017 marks an important milestone as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary, The theme of ADFEST 2017, “20 Years of Diversity” reflects ADFEST’s passion and celebration of the region’s richness and cultural diversity. The key visual design with the metaphors of nature is created by Yoshihiro Yagi, Creative Director of Dentsu Tokyo. There are more than 3,000 entries from 309 agencies in 37 cities worldwide this year. The jury of Lotus Awards, including 8 category juries and 56 professional jurors, have traveled to 20 cities around the world, and established the highest standards in order to select the best outstanding winners.


KV of ADFEST 2017

In recent years, with the popularity of smart phones, advertising has undergone great changes. The key to business value is not just promotion of products, positive social impact is becoming more and more important. Therefore, Beijing Dentsu has carried out a wide range of creative marketing activities in collaboration with a number of enterprises. Through innovation, we are trying to resonate with consumers' emotions, strengthen the links between enterprises and consumers, and solve social problems in China today at the same time. In a new era, challenge ensues, Beijing Dentsu will continue to create innovative cases to contribute to solving social problems.