In 2017, Let’s Move On Together!

The 2017 Spring Festival Greeting Parties held at the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Offices

The Year of the Rooster has started and everything is reviving. On February 6, the first work day after the Spring Festival holiday, the 2017 Spring Festival Greeting Party was held at the Beijing headquarters and the branch offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou at the same time. Akimasa Baba, CEO of Beijing Dentsu and Shuntaro Shimizu, General Manager of the Shanghai branch, and Tu Jianfeng, General Manager of the Guangzhou branch extended their Chinese New Year wishes to all colleagues.

The event in the Beijing headquarters office was held at the Dentsu Lobby on the 10th floor, which was decorated in red with a festive atmosphere. Many colleagues came very early in the morning to send out their Chinese New Year wishes each other. Mr. Akimasa Baba arrived at the lobby at 10:45 am and sent out back-to-work "red packets" to the staff according to the tradition. He gave his speech for the new year: "Since our value is to build a strong brand for our clients, this year, Beijing Dentsu will gradually implement corporate reforms in order to strengthen Beijing Dentsu's integration ability and marketing planning ability centered on business operation, further enhance our profession in creativity, content marketing and digital marketing, etc. It's not easy to do our job well at the moment while keep reforming for the future. However, I hope we can work together to make Beijing Dentsu a better company." Mr. Baba's speech ignited the passion of the staff and the atmosphere was lively and encouraging.


The greeting party was held in the branch offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou as well. In the Shanghai branch, stickers were used creatively to send out New Year wishes. In Guangzhou, all the red packets were handmade by the staff and interesting words of creativity were written on the envelopes.


About 500 staffs joined in the events in the three offices and everyone was happy to receive a red packets. With the red packets in their hands, they wished Beijing Dentsu a successful beginning and better achievement in the new year.


In 2017, let's move on together!



Mr. Baba distributed red packets


Mr. Baba gave a New Year's speech

Group photo of Spring Festival Greeting Party in Beijing office

Spring Festival Greeting Party in Shanghai office

Spring Festival Greeting Party in Guangzhou office