Sonic Sweetener

the campaign committed to solve sugar overconsumption problem


The traditional era when advertising is "simply information description of product" was over; only innovative content can impress and resonate with consumers. In recent years, Beijing Dentsu jointed with several enterprises to carry out a wide range of creative marketing activities, strengthening links between businesses and consumers, and solving social problems meanwhile. The new case is not only created to advertise businesses and products, but also to develop new products through the combination of creativity and technologies.


Sugar overconsumption is a global issue.In China, there are countless high-sugar or sugar-containing beverages popular, especially among white-collar workers for whom drinking beverages every day has become an indispensable part of life. According to the data by the National Bureau of Statistics, beverage production in China shows a growing trend. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the daily sugar intake for adults should not be more than 25 grams; however, most existing beverages contain excessive amounts of sugar.


Indeed, the sweet taste of sugar can make people feel "happy", but the harm of excessive consumption of sugar is serious. Other than obesity, excessive sugar intake can also contribute to aging, unstable mood, lack of attention and other problems. However, it's hard to notice if there is excessive because the sugar is dissolved in the beverages. In order to solve this problem, Oxford University and Beijing Dentsu CDC China developed the "Sonic sweetener", and collaborated with XIN CAFÉ, a well-known coffee chain in Shanghai.



"Sonic sweetener" is a unique cup-shaped device that can play a "special" melody. While drinking a beverage, the sound of the "special" melody can enable the brain to naturally associate the sound with the sweet taste, to make people to concentrate on the sweet taste. In this way, people will find the beverage tastes sweeter than it actually does, thus reduce sugar intake.

Through this event, XIN CAFÉ significant increase the number of consumers, 63% of the consumers who use "Sonic Sweetener" think their beverages are sweeter, and 68% consumers become more aware of the harm of excessive intake of sugar.

※ The event is produced by Beijing Dentsu CDC CHINA.

※ CDC CHINA is a brand under Beijing Dentsu set by international award-winning CDC (Communication Design Center), a Dentsu Tokyo subsidiary.