Goodwill from a "PIZZA"

- Beijing Dentsu joins Shanghai Xintiandi to create the RE_PIZZA Public Welfare Campaign


One of the biggest problems in the world is food waste. According to reports, the amount of surplus food processing is up to 200 billion yuan per year, which is enough to feed 200 million people for a whole year. During the Christmas season, Beijing Dentsu CDC China collaborated with 6 well-known restaurants of Shanghai Xintiandi to create a public welfare campaign that focuses on how the restaurant deal with the surplus ingredients.


On December 20- 25, 2016, Shanghai Xintiandi held a Christmas market. The RE_PIZZA public welfare project with the theme of "Do Not Waste Ingredients and Cook Delicious Meal" attracted the crowd's attention.



Every day, restaurants have too much surplus ingredients to be made into dishes, but they are safe to eat. We brought together these surplus ingredients from several restaurants in Xintiandi. By the skilled hands of the chefs, they were used to make a variety of pizzas, and were sold at the price of 5 yuan each piece. These special sale pizzas did not have a fixed menu, or fixed ingredients. It all depended on how the chef improvised it. During the event, so many people came to buy pizza that we had to limit the number of purchases.



The RE_PIZZA public welfare project has re-used a total of about 60KG ingredients to make pizza! With everyone's support, we sold a total of 245 "RE_PIZZA", with 1,468 people purchasing and collecting a donation of 7,340 yuan. The total sales amount will be donated to the global non-profit organization "THE GLOBAL FOOD BANKING NETWORK", which can provide about 16,000 meals to children who are suffering from starvation.


In addition to the creative ideas and intentions, this public welfare project aims to encourage people to improve their food-saving awareness, and put this philosophy into actions. People who buy RE_ PIZZA make their own contribution to alleviate the worldwide problem of food waste.


※ The event is produced by Beijing Dentsu CDC CHINA.

※ CDC CHINA is a brand under Beijing Dentsu set by international award-winning CDC (Communication Design Center), a Dentsu Tokyo subsidiary.