Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch won the 2016 CBN Elite Care Program αi Quality Workplace Best Practice Award

On December 9, 2016, the 2016 CBN Elite Care Program held the Annual Ceremony in Shanghai. Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch stood out of 111 cases from 40 companies and won the 2016 CBN Elite Care Program αi Quality Workplace Privilege Class Best Practice Award. Among the 8 winning companies, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch was the only Japanese enterprise.

The winning case is “Visiting GM’s House”. Shuntaro Shimizu, General Manager of the Shanghai Branch, accepted the award on behalf of the company. He said: Dentsu has always attached great importance to strengthening corporate culture. By inviting employees to his home, he can deepen the communication with employees. In order to keep up the honor, we will continue to move forward and keep on our effort. The "Visiting GM’s House" activity has been organized 15 times, with about 190 employees participating in it. It narrows the distance between the company's executives and ordinary employees, and allows employees to understand the essence of the corporate culture in practical activities.

On November 20 this year, during an interview of Shuntaro Shimizu in the Fortune Geography Weekly program on the CBN channel, he introduced the corporate culture of Dentsu and the work environment of Shanghai Branch. A high quality workplace environment and clear communication can enhance cohesion and centripetal force of the company. Beijing Dentsu will not forget its original goals to make unremitting efforts to create a great warmth workplace.


Shuntaro Shimizu (In the middle) received the award on behalf of the company



Awards trophy