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Basic information

Date of establishment: January 1995   Number of employees*: 272
General Manager: Shuntaro Shimizu

* Statistical data by the end of March, 2017


●  Global Network
●  One Stop Service
●  Convenient Location and Great View
●  High Consciousness of Environment
●  Dentsu Gallery
●  Many Creative Awards
●  Original Research Theme
●  Many Digital Cases
●  Many Event Cases
●  Systematically Training Plan for Career Up

Our Team


Shuntaro Shimizu General Manager of the Shanghai Branch

● In 1989,graduated from the Tokyo University, joined the Sales Promotion Bureau of Tokyo Dentsu, and engaged in campaign and event promotion works for TOYOTA, APPLE, etc.
● In 1999, studied in the United States with studying abroad for two years and obtained the Northwestern Kellogg Business School MBA degree.
● In 2001, worked in the Business Department after returning from the United States, and was responsible for Kao, HP, Softbank, McDonald's and other clients.
In 2006, appointed as the Business Department Director.
 In 2012, concurrently worked for Global Affairs Bureau, started developing the Business Training Program for overseas branches, and carried out business training in Asian branches.
● In 2013, appointed as Business Bureau Assistant Director. 
● In 2015, appointed as the General Manager of Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Office. 

1)Business Strategy DivisionThis office is responsible for making the business strategies and concrete tactics for the company's mid-and-long term profit and development. Its vision is to create a “space for the employees' personal development”. Flexibly utilizing Dentsu' Group's internal business resources related to social topics, it propels the sifting and development of R&D projects from the business perspective. 

2)Business Division/ AP Division It brings Client's Inter-face function into play to achieve speedy and quality services.  Each department is complemented with an Account Planning Section, which deals with matters related to all-around communication solutions such as advertising, SP, events, PR, Digital and creative production.

3)Management DivisionThe main purpose of this department is to supply sufficient support to employees in all aspects to stimulate their ability to the utmost. Meanwhile, it also holds events relevant to the mutual development of the company and  society.

4)Dentsu MediaIt handles the business related to the comprehensive media planning of advertisers' subjects and promotes the advertisers on traditional media, OHH, digital media and other media.

Organization Structure


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A: 22/F, 5 Corporate Avenue, No.150 Hu Bin Road, Shanghai 200021
T: 021-2310-9888
F: 021-6350-8556