Shanghai Dentsu Creates Home Decoration Online Variety Show IP "House Transformation" for Nippon

4 days ago

The domestic original home decoration online variety show "House Transformation"(Season 2) (《就匠变新家》) co-produced by Shanghai Dentsu, Nippon and SMG Internet Program Center leads a new high in the home decoration programs.

#Lucky Bubbles, Fun · New Hair Washing Experience#

5 days ago

In the past September, AQUAIR interactive devices appeared in Shanghai's major subway stations and shopping centers where users can experience the fun of foam brought by the interactive games.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates New Campaign for Weichuan

7 days ago

As a partner for Weichuan, Shanghai Dentsu collaborated with Weichuan to launch the "Bowel-problem-free" campaign this year.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates New TVC for KFC Chicken Wing Bucket

10 days ago

October 2018 , Shanghai Dentsu created a brand-new TVC for KFC chicken wings bucket returning.

Shanghai Dentsu Helps Laurier New Product Launching

11 days ago

Recently, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch and Laurier co-operated and carried out a series of new product promotion campaign.

C-TREK Branding Communication TVC

24 days ago

Beijing Dentsu creates a brand communication TVC for C-Trek.

Shanghai Dentsu Helps Glico to Create a new TVC for Pejoy

1 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu collaborated with Isobar to create the music drama TVC for Glico Pejoy.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates IMC Integrated Marketing Campaign for Glico Pretz

1 months ago

Recently, Shanghai Dentsu creates IMC integrated marketing campaign for Glico Pretz to helps Pretz's brand upgrade.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates TVC for KFC Alphonso Mango Ice Cream

1 months ago

In August 2018, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch joined hands with KFC to create TVC for KFC Alphonso Mango Ice Cream.

Skoda Joined Hands with Su Bingtian

1 months ago

In order to give Chinese consumers a deeper understanding of the Skoda SUV family, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch helped Skoda combine with the sports' hot topics of the Asian Games in August and created a brand promotional campaign

The Longest Wait

2 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu CDC China created a viral video for a charity campaign of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. This Campaign won gold award of 2018 China Advertising Great-wall Awards Media Marketing Awards

The Power of Pure Nature, Pechoin and Li Bingbing's 30°N Discovery Tour

2 months ago

This summer, Pechoin joins hands with Shanghai Dentsu to create new brand film "The Power of Pure Nature", which follows Li Bing's footsteps and explores the extraordinarily pure power of the magical herb in 30°N.

Beijing Dentsu Facilitates the Launch of FAW-Volkswagen’s T-ROC

2 months ago

On July 30, the T-ROC, FAW-Volkswagen's first SUV, was officially launched in Shenzhen. Beijing Dentsu created the slogan "Dare to Dream, Dare to Travel" and tailor-made a creativity plan for the T-ROC.

Captain Tsubasa Popular in the World Cup

3 months ago

During the World Cup, Dentsu has become the exclusive agent for distribution rights and advertising investment rights for the Japanese animated classic Captain Tsubasa in Asia, Oceania and the Middle East regions.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates the Queen Mojito Campaign for KFC

3 months ago

In March of this year, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch took over the Queen Mojito Alcohol-Free Drink", continuing the strong symbol of "Mojito Girl" and teamed up with KFC brand partners to deepen this popular summer product's awareness in the world of the young consumer group, it also shoulders the mission of building a dialogue between boys and girls.

Vitasoy Joins Hands with Shanghai Dentsu to Launch Independent Brand Creativity

3 months ago

In early June 2018, Vitasoy joins hands with Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch to launch an independent brand creativity.

Beijing Dentsu Assists Lenovo to Achieve Sales of 3 Billion Yuan during the 618 Campaign

4 months ago

During the 618 mid-year promotion, Beijing Dentsu assisted Lenovo to sell 3 billion Yuan in its 618 campaign.

Beijing Dentsu Helps Toyota Promote C-HR・IZOA TNGA Models

4 months ago

This year, Toyota launched two extraordinary models, the C-HR・IZOA, Beijing Dentsu tailored a series of promotional campaigns for them.

Biang! Lovely Kitties Debut! Beijing Dentsu Creates a Cartoon IP for FamilyMart

4 months ago

The four adorable pets designed by Beijing Dentsu Shanghai branch for FamilyMart, the funny and special debut performance attracted lots of attention!

Health Plus

4 months ago

Vitasoy has released its new high-end product. Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch has offered all-round services for the brand communication of this new product.

Corolla Hybrid Joins Hands with Internet Drama Women in Beijing

4 months ago

Following the Corolla Hybrid × Miracles of the General Store project, Beijing Dentsu began to join hands with Corolla Hybrid regarding the internet drama Women in Beijing.

Who is the most overbearing boss in the world?

5 months ago

Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch tailor-made a Mother's Day TVC for Pechoin to tell a touching and funny story in this Mother's Day.

Beijing Dentsu Creates Toyota Booth at Beijing International Automobile Exhibition

5 months ago

On April 25 - May 4, 2018, the 15th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition was held in the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Beijing Dentsu created the "TNGA Concept – Dynamic & Sporty" booth for Toyota.

The Healing Cry

5 months ago

To relieve a mother's stress, we prescribe new mothers with a special pill bottle, which will play the baby's first cry when the cap is opened. This Campaign won gold award of 2018 China Advertising Great-wall Awards Media Marketing Awards.

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