Shanghai Dentsu Together with Nippon Paint Started The 3rd Season of A Home Decoration Variety Show

13 days ago

The home decoration variety show customized by Shanghai Dentsu for Nippon Paint have started its 3rd season.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates a New Campaign for KFC Shikoku Yuzu Ice Cream

23 days ago

Recently, Shanghai Dentsu invited Zhou Dongyu to film a new TVC for KFC Shikoku Yuzu Ice Cream.

A New Brand TVC for Skoda by Shanghai Dentsu

29 days ago

On April 16th, 2019, Shanghai Dentsu helped Skoda to launch a new brand TVC, which aims to convey the new brand proposition and communication concept of Skoda in the Chinese market.

Shanghai Dentsu Created New TVC for Nippon Children's Paint

1 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu creates a new TVC for Nippon Children's paint.

Beijing Dentsu Helps FAW-TOYOTA AVALON New Product Launch

1 months ago

On 22 March, Beijing Dentsu assisted FAW-TOYOTA to hold a DESTINED AVALON theme event for AVALON new products launch in Tianjin.

Shanghai Dentsu Created Brand TVC for Skoda OCTAVIA

2 months ago

On March 21, 2019, the brand TVC of Outer Space for Skoda OCTAVIA, created by Shanghai Dentsu, is officially launched.

A Pechoin TVC for Women's Day by Shanghai Dentsu

2 months ago

On March 8, International Women's Day 2019, Shanghai Dentsu and Pechoin joined hands once again to create a film full of happiness, as a special gift to all beauties of the world.

GU Care Label

2 months ago

GU, a sister brand of UNIQLO, wanted to increase sales and brand awareness during Chinese New Year, China's biggest celebration.

Beauty Rice Bottle

2 months ago

A rice-inspired shaped bottle made people feel beautiful inside and out of Zhong He Feng Jing premium organic rice.

Shanghai Dentsu Created Tmall Double Eleven Campaign for PURE&MILD

2 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu created Tmall Double Eleven campaign named "The Price of Late Night Vitamin" for Shiseido's sub-brand PURE&MILD, a plant skin care brand.

Beijing Dentsu Launched a Cross-border Cooperation for Subaru Forester New Model

3 months ago

Recently, Beijing Dentsu joined hands with Sports Geography, Extreme Road and three outdoor sports experts to launch a cross-border cooperation between the new model of Subaru Foresters and the Slackling.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates a New Campaign for Glico Pocky

4 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu creates a new campaign for Glico Pocky.

Shanghai Dentsu cooperated with Yitiao to create a series of TVC for Nippon

4 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu cooperated with Yitiao to create six strong visual impact TVCs for Nippon.

Oil Hijack

4 months ago

A customized promotion campaign to sell more cooking oil on Pinduoduo APP made by Shanghai Dentsu.

Shanghai Dentsu Helps Pizza Hut Dessert Promotion in 2018 Christmas Season

4 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu cooperated with Pizza Hut to create 2018 Christmas season promotion campaign for its dessert.

Shanghai Dentsu Created New TVCs for Master Kong

4 months ago

In this winter, Shanghai Dentsu created three new TVCs for Master Kong's classic Beef Noodle. Using children's own hands-on ability and timing of eating as an entry point, the work expressed vividly the brand proposition of Master Kong "dream life, this is the taste!"

Shanghai Dentsu Cooperated with Nippon to Create Home Reconstruction Program

5 months ago

The fifth season of the large-scale home reconstruction program "Dream Home" jointly produced by Shanghai Dentsu, Nippon and SMG Internet Program Center was broadcasted on DRAGON TV on August 17th, and was simultaneously launched at iQiyi and Youku.

New Golf SPORTSVAN Launch Communication TVC

5 months ago

New Golf SPORTSVAN has always emphasized its "large space". The new model launch will continue to strengthen this product feature, then how can we make this functional "space" design into a "space" worthy of discussion?

AUPRES "Black Elf" Essence Promotion Campaign

6 months ago

AUPRES Base Care Essence II Golden Circulation has always been the star product of AUPRES in terms of sales and reputation. However, it lacks a full range of packaging and targeted promotion.


6 months ago

Beijing Dentsu joined hands with the well-known Japanese animation production team to create a anime work for AUPRES.

Beijing Dentsu Helps FAW - Volkswagen TAYRON New Product Launch

7 months ago

On October 22, 2018, Beijing Dentsu assists FAW - Volkswagen to hold the new product launch for its first high-end mid-sized SUV TAYRON.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates Home Decoration Online Show for Nippon

7 months ago

The domestic original home decoration online variety show "House Transformation" (Season 2) (《就匠变新家》) co-produced by Shanghai Dentsu, Nippon and SMG Internet Program Center leads a new high in the home decoration programs.

#Lucky Bubbles, Fun · New Hair Washing Experience#

7 months ago

In the past September, AQUAIR interactive devices appeared in Shanghai's major subway stations and shopping centers where users can experience the fun of foam brought by the interactive games.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates New Campaign for Weichuan

7 months ago

As a partner for Weichuan, Shanghai Dentsu collaborated with Weichuan to launch the "Bowel-problem-free" campaign this year.

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