Shanghai Dentsu Created 130th Anniversary Film of Dunlop

12 days ago

2018 is the 130th anniversary of the establishment of the Dunlop. It has an important commemorative significance. Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch (Shanghai Dentsu) recently launched a commemorative film.

Beijing Dentsu Created a Funny Film for Dicos

21 days ago

The Beijing Dentsu 1st Business Division Dicos Team launched the tailor-made short film for Crispy Fried Chicken. The short film tells the story of a family and sharing, and it comes with a humorous reverse,.

Home is Where the Warmth and Love is

1 months ago

In the Chinese New Year of 2018, Uniqlo launched its annual new collection. Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch created a Chinese New Year campaign for Uniqlo.

Greeting Card, A Heart-warming Blessing from Beijing Dentsu

2 months ago

In the coming Year of the Dog in China, Beijing Dentsu joined hands with the public service organization to design a greeting new year card, to care for homeless stray dogs in the cold weather.

The Repair Man Song

2 months ago

NGK is the world's No.1 automotive-used spark plug brand in the market share. It will launch the G-Power series spark plug products in China. How to differentiate NGK from other domestic brands, improve the brand awareness of target audience, and increase the market share in the competitive Chinese market?

Sharing Happiness, Double 11 Pocky Day

3 months ago

During October to November this year, Pocky took advantage of Pocky Day on November 11th to carry out a comprehensive campaign including TVC, offline activities, cross-border cooperation with ZOO COFFEE, online H5, etc.

GNC ✕ Shanghai Marathon

3 months ago

GNC is a well-known American dietary supplement brand. In November 2017, as the only dietary supplement brand, GNC sponsored the Shanghai Marathon for the third time.

Shanghai Dentsu Created the Fun of Film TVC for Fujifilm instax

3 months ago

The Fun of Film TVC that Beijing Dentsu Shanghai branch created for Fujifilm allows consumers to feel the fun of taking pictures with Fujifilm instax cameras with its creativity and sharing methods.

Panasonic LAMDASH Kiss Lesson

4 months ago

The Interactive Creative Awards silver work. We create a series of funny and witty virus video to display Panasonic LAMDASH shaver's features to consumers intuitionally.

Canon EOS M Brand Promotion Campaign

8 months ago

At present, SONY occupies the most market share of digital SLR camera, how to increase the population of Canon EOS M? Invite Lu Han, who are very popular in the Chinese young people, as the spokesperson. On the basis of the target group, we create the depth topics to build EOS M brand.

"Run towards challenge" A Dunlop Brand New Campaign

8 months ago

​In July, Dunlop launched its 2017 new brand campaign, inviting a number of outstanding athletes to showcase the spirit of the theme: Run towards challenge. This campaign was created by Shanghai Dentsu.

Lenovo Laptop New Product Launch

9 months ago

In order to establish the younger brand image of the Lenovo 小新, we choose Lu Han who are popular with young people as the brand spokesperson, and carried out fan marketing in favorite social platforms by 90s generation.

Lenovo Laptop × One Piece Cooperation Edition

9 months ago

We designed and customized One Piece edition for the Lenovo laptops and peripheral products.

Beijing Dentsu Created Toyota and Wanli Tire Exhibition Booths

10 months ago

The 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition was held at the Shanghai from April 19-28, 2017. Beijing Dentsu was honored to work with Toyota and Wanli Tire​ to design and build their exhibition booths.

5572320 / Mashup Music Player

11 months ago

Winner of Silver Mobile Lotus of ADFEST 2017. Along with combining 4 different songs and a maximum of 15 combinations, this interactive music video player​ allows the user to interact directly with the scenery of the video clip.

Kibo Science 360 - A Space Experiment with Google

11 months ago

Winner of Grande Mobile Lotus of ADFEST 2017. In order to cultivate children's interest in space, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Google develop a spacecraft scene virtual game together.

New Smart Business Person

11 months ago

Winner of Bronze Mobile Lotus of ADFEST 2017. This was created to promote Kirin Beverage's new tea "Espresso Tea Latte". It is designed especially for smartphone viewers to watch repeatedly for its surprising ending.


11 months ago

Winner of Bronze Mobile Lotus of ADFEST 2017. Glico has made a game called Glicode that gets kids coding by having them arrange actual cookies and snacks, then snapping a photo to translate them into digital commands.


11 months ago

Winner of Silver Press Lotus, Bronze Print Craft Lotus of ADFEST 2017. This work reveals a serious environmental problem that floods will put 150 million people at risk of waterborne diseases if deforestation continues.

The Great Reminder about Mothers' Day

11 months ago

Winner of Silver Media Lotus of ADFEST 2017. For the Shinano Mainichi Shimbun's third Family Story promotion, we designed a special Mother's Day edition of the newspaper to symbolize a gift of carnations.

The Dyslexic Captcha

11 months ago

Winner of Silver Media Lotus of ADFEST 2017. 'The Dyslexic Captcha' campaign is aim to help parents and teachers understand the struggles faced by dyslexic children.‍​

DNA Glass

11 months ago

Winner of Gold Interactive Lotus of ADFEST 2017. Based on analyzed the DNA inforamtion, Suntory customizes a special shape beer glass matching the taste and the drinking capacity of consumer using 3D print.

Ton-Ton Voice Sumo

11 months ago

Winner of Silver Interactive Lotus of ADFEST 2017. We developed a fun method of rehabilitation "TON-TON VOICE SUMO" in cooperation with occupational therapists.


11 months ago

Winner of Bronze Interactive Lotus of ADFEST 2017. The campaign sought to raise awareness on human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) in the Philippines.

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