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Shanghai Dentsu Created 130th Anniversary Film of Dunlop

12 days ago

2018 is the 130th anniversary of the establishment of the Dunlop. It has an important commemorative significance. Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch (Shanghai Dentsu) recently launched a commemorative film.

Home is Where the Warmth and Love is

1 months ago

In the Chinese New Year of 2018, Uniqlo launched its annual new collection. Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch created a Chinese New Year campaign for Uniqlo.

Shanghai Dentsu Appoints Two ECDs

2 months ago

On 3 January, 2018, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch announced the appointment of two new ECDs – Zheng Li and KC.

The Repair Man Song

2 months ago

NGK is the world's No.1 automotive-used spark plug brand in the market share. It will launch the G-Power series spark plug products in China. How to differentiate NGK from other domestic brands, improve the brand awareness of target audience, and increase the market share in the competitive Chinese market?

Sharing Happiness, Double 11 Pocky Day

3 months ago

During October to November this year, Pocky took advantage of Pocky Day on November 11th to carry out a comprehensive campaign including TVC, offline activities, cross-border cooperation with ZOO COFFEE, online H5, etc.

GNC ✕ Shanghai Marathon

3 months ago

GNC is a well-known American dietary supplement brand. In November 2017, as the only dietary supplement brand, GNC sponsored the Shanghai Marathon for the third time.

Shanghai Dentsu Created the Fun of Film TVC for Fujifilm instax

3 months ago

The Fun of Film TVC that Beijing Dentsu Shanghai branch created for Fujifilm allows consumers to feel the fun of taking pictures with Fujifilm instax cameras with its creativity and sharing methods.

Shanghai Dentsu X Family Mart, Create a Self-made IP Together

7 months ago

Recently, the convenience store brand FamilyMart worked together with Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch (below call "Shanghai Dentsu" for short) to create its own IP, which is a new IP marketing method.

"Run towards challenge" A Dunlop Brand New Campaign

8 months ago

​In July, Dunlop launched its 2017 new brand campaign, inviting a number of outstanding athletes to showcase the spirit of the theme: Run towards challenge. This campaign was created by Shanghai Dentsu.

Lighten the Dream with Creativity

9 months ago

On June 2, volunteers from Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch and students of Hetianlu Primary School jointly held the public benefit activity entitled "Future City, Creative Heroes" .

Picture Book without Pictures

11 months ago

Winner of Gold Design Lotus ADFEST 2017. Beijing Dentsu CDC China collaborated with Dentsu Tokyo, and worked with Fujifilm to develop a book named PICTURE BOOK WITHOUT PICTURES. The children have to use Instax photos taken by themselves to complete the illustrated handbook.

NGK F1 Cars Repairing Challenge

11 months ago

NGK is Japanese high quality engine plug brand. It is widely used to vehicles all over the world, even to rockets and F1 cars. However, the market share is very low in China. How to solve this problem?

A Beautiful Transformation of Shanghai Subway Tunnel

11 months ago

On March 19, 2017, shimmering gold sequins were hung on the ceiling of the Shanghai Xujiahui Line 1/9/11 subway station tunnel. This is a creative campaign titled "Meet the Better You" that Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch has created for ELIXIR.

The World's First! Discounts Change According to the Air Pollution Index

12 months ago

To enhance people's awareness of the air pollution, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch and CDC China collaborated with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company jointly developed "Air Pollution Discount" website that allows people to maintain sustained attention on measures against air pollution.

Sonic Sweetener

1 years ago

Sugar overconsumption is a global issue. In order to solve this problem, In order to solve this problem, Beijing Dentsu CDC China and University of Oxford co-produced Sonic Sweetener, an extraordinary melody that reduces sugar consumption.

Goodwill from a "PIZZA"

1 years ago

Beijing Dentsu CDC China collaborated with 6 well-known restaurants of Shanghai Xintiandi to create a public welfare campaign that focuses on how the restaurant deal with the surplus ingredients.

Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch won the 2016 CBN Elite Care Program αi Quality Workplace Best Practice Award

1 years ago

Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch stood out of 111 cases from 40 companies and won the 2016 CBN Elite Care Program αi Quality Workplace Privilege Class Best Practice Award on the 2016 CBN Elite Care Program held the Annual Ceremony.

Glico "Share Happiness" Interactive Campaign by Beijing Dentsu

1 years ago

In order to spread happin​ess to more people, Glico held a large-scale interactive event at Shanghai Raffles to provide consumers a feeling of warmth and "Share happiness" platform from November 1st to 11th this year.

A Human Touch Advertising for an Understanding Customers Bank

1 years ago

Winner of Bronze Prize in Copy Category of 2016 China Advertising Great-wall Awards. The Shanghai Pudong Development Bank advertising film was released. A lot of consumers and clients were surprised to know that a bank ad can have a human touch.

Serendipity Stories

2 years ago

Based on the true“Serendipity”stories, we created the series of web films.“Serendipity”symbolizes the product feature, miraculous matching of soda and green tea.

Yonghe King Brand Campaign

2 years ago

To change the image of Yonghe King from a breakfast store that only sells soya bean milk and Chinese donuts, we launched the flagship set meals – Taiwan style braised pork on rice and beef noodles, to strengthen the brand image as a Chinese fast food chains.

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