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Shanghai Dentsu Won Creative and Communication Business of Swellfun Ultrahigh-end Product Line

4 days ago

Recently, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch won the Swellfun ultrahigh-end product line creative and communication business.

Shanghai Dentsu Wins the Strategy Consulting Business of Molian

3 months ago

Recently, the Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch won the annual strategy consulting business of Molian Information Technology Co., Ltd. controlled by Myriad Group.

Beijing Dentsu Wins the Annual Branding Business of Pechoin

5 months ago

Recently, Pechoin called for a pitch, Shanghai Dentsu defeated the other competitors and won the annual branding business.

Beijing Dentsu Wins the 2018 Omnimedia Strategy Business of Youku Tudou

5 months ago

Recently, Youku Tudou called for a pitch for its ominimedia strategy business in 2018. Beijing Dentsu finally won the pitch by excellent performance in the competition.

Beijing Dentsu Wins Luxgen's Media Agency Business in 2018

6 months ago

Recently, the automotive brand Luxgen called for a pitch, and Beijing Dentsu won the media agency business in 2018.

Beijing Dentsu Wins Mitsubishi Electric 2018 CES Exhibition Activities Business

6 months ago

Recently, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch along with Dentsu Tec won the pitch for Mitsubishi Electric's 2018 CES exhibition activities business.

Beijing Dentsu won the Pitch of GAC Engineering Institute

6 months ago

Recently, GAEI revealed that Beijing Dentsu Guangzhou Branchwon the pitch for its 2018 Brand Communication and Operation Service.

Beijing Dentsu Won the 2018 Annual Promotion Business of the JNTO

6 months ago

Recently, the Japan National Tourism Organization call for the pitch, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch successfully won the 2018 overall Japanese tourism promotion project.

Beijing Dentsu Acquired the Traditional Media Business in 2018 for Dongfeng Honda

6 months ago

Recently, the car brand Dongfeng Honda called for a pitch for traditional media agency in 2018. Dentsu X, a subsidiary of Beijing Dentsu, will be responsible for the traditional media services of the brand.

Beijing Dentsu Won the Branding Agency Business of Tuopai Shede

7 months ago

Recently, Beijing Dentsu won the pitch against GIMC for the branding agency business of Tuopai Shede.

Beijing Dentsu Won GAC Group Brand Strategy Business

7 months ago

Recently, with powerful strength, Beijing Dentsu Guangzhou Branch won the GAC Group 2018 brand strategy and interactive marketing business.

Beijing Dentsu Wins Pitch for Global Content Marketing Business from Huawei

8 months ago

Recently, through a strong collaboration with MKTG London and The Story Lab Shanghai, Beijing Dentsu will manage Huawei's content marketing business globally.

Beijing Dentsu Wins the GAC Trumpchi Sedan+MPV Advertising Agency Business

8 months ago

After the fierce pitch, Beijing Dentsu Guangzhou Branch won the GAC Trumpchi sedan + MPV annual advertising planning agency business.

Beijing Dentsu Won the Overall Strategic and Creative Business of Dongfeng-Renault

1 years ago

Recently, Dongfeng-Renault Automobile Company called for a pitch for creative business of brand and car models. Beijing Dentsu defeated three international 4A advertising agencies and won the strategy and creative communication business of Renault brand, domestic models and Imported models in Chinese market.

Beijing Dentsu Won the Pitch for Israel Ministry of Tourism

1 years ago

After the intense pitching, Beijing Dentsu won the creative business of the Israel Ministry of Tourism in China.

Shanghai Dentsu X Family Mart, Create a Self-made IP Together

1 years ago

Recently, the convenience store brand FamilyMart worked together with Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch (below call "Shanghai Dentsu" for short) to create its own IP, which is a new IP marketing method.

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