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Lenovo Laptop New Product Launch

1 years ago

In order to establish the younger brand image of the Lenovo 小新, we choose Lu Han who are popular with young people as the brand spokesperson, and carried out fan marketing in favorite social platforms by 90s generation.

Lenovo Laptop × One Piece Cooperation Edition

1 years ago

We designed and customized One Piece edition for the Lenovo laptops and peripheral products.

Lenovo YOGA New Launch

2 years ago

The homogenization of products has led to a similar image of the different laptop computers, it's necessary to create a high-end sub-brand image for YOGA, to separate it from other similar products.

moto z New Launch

2 years ago

To promote the moto z new product launch, improve product awareness and arouse consumers' curiosity about modular mobile phone.

TVCs of Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Release

3 years ago

In the market, all the tablets highlight their 'multi-function' in advertisements. The newly released Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 has 18h ultra-long standby time and new suspension mode. How to render these unique sales points impressive?

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