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The Beijing Dentsu 2017 "Intern Training Summer Camp" Opens

1 years ago

On July 3, 2017, the Beijing Dentsu 2017 "Intern Training Summer Camp" officially opened. Twenty-seven students from four universities participated in it.

Gao Xiaosong Visited Beijing Dentsu to Talk about AliMusic

2 years ago

On the afternoon of March 3, Chairman of AliMusic, the famous musician Gao Xiaosong visited Beijing Dentsu, and gave the themed speech of "Xiaosong Talk -AliMusic" .

Beijing Dentsu Held Spikes Asia Winners Sharing Session

2 years ago

On the afternoon of October 28, Spikes Asia excellent works sharing session was held in the training room on the 9th floor of Beijing Dentsu. The sharing session has invited Beijing Dentsu and Dentsu Top's 7creative masters from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, who have participated in the Spikes Asia, to give everyone a comprehensive interpretation of the award-winning works and the analysis of how to win.

2015 Beijing Dentsu Intern Camp Officially Opened

3 years ago

On July 13, the 2015 annual Beijing Dentsu Intern Camp officially opened in the Beijing headquarters, a total of 34 students from 11 Chinese universities including Taiwan have attended the opening ceremony.

DAN APAC CCO Ted Lim Held Creativity Lecture in Beijing Dentsu

3 years ago

On May 30, 2015, the DAN APAC CCO Ted Lim explained to the associates the way to create a successful creative work and organized participants to conduct a creative Workshop in Beijing Dentsu.

Beijing Dentsu Held 2015 ADFEST Outstanding Works Sharing Session

3 years ago

On May 13, 2015, Beijing Dentsu held the 2015 ADFEST outstanding works internal sharing session.

Decode Golden Lion: Cannes Festival of Creativity Chairman Visited Beijing Dentsu

3 years ago

In the afternoon of 24 March 2015, Terry Savage, Chairman of Cannes Festival of Creativity came all the way to visit Beijing Dentsu and delivered a special lecture on How to Win a Lion.

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