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The World's First! Discounts Change According to the Air Pollution Index

3 months ago

To enhance people's awareness of the air pollution, Beijing Dentsu Shanghai Branch and CDC China collaborated with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company jointly developed "Air Pollution Discount" website that allows people to maintain sustained attention on measures against air pollution.

Taste the Sweetness with "Ears"

5 months ago

Excessive sugar intake is one of the major issues in the world. In order to solve this problem, Oxford University and Beijing Dentsu CDC China developed the "Sonic sweetener", and collaborated with XIN CAFÉ, a well-known coffee chain in Shanghai.

Goodwill from a "PIZZA"

5 months ago

Beijing Dentsu CDC China collaborated with 6 well-known restaurants of Shanghai Xintiandi to create a public welfare campaign that focuses on how the restaurant deal with the surplus ingredients.

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