Modern Experiences For Wellness | dentsu next9 months ago

Discoveries and insights from dentsu next on Modern Experiences For Wellness

DENTSU CREATIVE Won E-commerce & Event Marketing Agency of the Year at 2022 Campaign AOY 10 months ago

DENTSU CREATIVE’s VeryStar and PR Consulting won the 2022 Campaign AOY Greater China E-commerce and Event Marketing Agency of the Year respectively.

THIS IS VERY GREEN Won Grand Prix at ROI Festival|Dentsu Rocks10 months ago

At the 2022 ROI Festival, DENTSU CREATIVE won a Grand Prix, together with two Silver, two Bronze and four finalists. The low-carbon films “THIS IS VERY GREEN” crafted by DENTSU CREATIVE for Ant Forest won a Grand Prix in TV category.

DENTSU CREATIVE named MMA SMARTIES Creative Agency of the Year10 months ago

At the MMA SMARTIES China Awards Ceremony 2022 in Shanghai, DENTSU CREATIVE was named the Best Creative Agency of the Year for the third consecutive year, winning 7 Gold, 6 Silver and 8 Bronze, and a Grand Prix.

Launching dentsu Z Camp 2023!10 months ago

Join Us for Contests in Six Categories + Fun Brainstorming + Industry Veteran Insights

dentsu China appoints Richard Tan as DENTSU CREATIVE China CEO10 months ago

Dentsu China announced the appointment of Richard Tan as CEO, DENTSU CREATIVE China.

Introducing Dentsu's 5-Power in Creating Health & Wellness10 months ago

Introducing Dentsu's “5-Power in Creating Health & Wellness” to interpret modern people’s awakening of wellness

Kazuki Tsuburaku Joins Jury of LIA Chinese Creativity Show 202211 months ago

Kazuki Tsuburaku, head of dentsu next, has been recently appointed as Digital Jury for LIA (London International Awards) Chinese Creativity Show 2022.

Modern Experiences For Entertainment | dentsu next11 months ago

Discoveries and insights from dentsu next on Modern Experiences For Entertainment

dentsu Z Awarded Innovation Team of the Year at CAMA 202211 months ago

dentsu Z won "Innovation Team of the Year" at CAMA 2022

CONTAC NT: Time Travel Photo Studio|Latest Work11 months ago

CONTAC NT partnered with Xinshixiang, the multi-channel media, building a “Time Travel Photo Studio” across the boundaries of time and space for both the elderly and younger generations sharing their passions.

DENTSU CREATIVE launches dentsu next1 years ago

Introducing dentsu next, defining innovation through modern experiences.

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of China-Japan Relationship1 years ago

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of China-Japan Relationship.

Niche is Mass | dentsu Z1 years ago

How can we revitalize a brand by capitalizing on youth subcultures when niche interests predict a trend?

THIS IS VERY GREEN Wins IAI Grand Prix | Dentsu Rocks 1 years ago

DENTSU CREATIVE won the Grand Prix in Film category at 2022 IAI Festival with the “THIS IS VERY GREEN” video campaign created for Ant Forest.

DENTSU CREATIVE China CSO Tiffana Pun Joins 2022 AutoVision China Awards Jury1 years ago

On this auto-specific international creative platform, we look forward to seeing more innovative and creative works.

What does SXSW bring us? CHAPTER 2|Innovation1 years ago

SXSW is an event that celebrates upcoming innovations. We picked a couple of great cases to share with you.

Poop Tells | Latest Work1 years ago

We translated and visualized the “poop language” to build Bisco’s brand image as “probiotic snack”.

DENTSU CREATIVE Launched D-hub, Quality Content @ Scale1 years ago

DENTSU CREATIVE launched D-Hub for brands to manage 365 days of content and communicate personally with millions.

DENTSU CREATIVE appoints Cheuk Chiang as Asia Pacific CEO1 years ago

Cheuk Chiang in conversation with Campaign about his vision for future-proofing the agencies' creative footprint.

Tiffana Pun Richards joins Dentsu Creative as China CSO1 years ago

Tiffana will play a leadership role in designing and developing solutions and service development strategies.

Cultural Shift: The Rise of “Cheesy” Culture|dentsu Z1 years ago

Chinese youths’ rebelliousness against the “luxuriousness” of previously aspirational content and lifestyles online.

Dentsu Creative will be launching D-hub!1 years ago

Dentsu Creative will be launching D-hub, a one-stop content production centre for brands to manage 365 days of content and communicate personally with millions.

The Upcycling Ads by Dentsu | Celebrating 121st Anniversary!1 years ago

To celebrate dentsu’s 121st anniversary, we upcycled used billboard into eco-bag in RAD Workshop.

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