Feature Stories: Fighting against the Epidemic25 days ago

Shanghai Dentsu Helped Customers Give a voice in Fighting against the Epidemic. Shanghai Dentsu assisted customers in actively making a contribution to fighting against the epidemic, spreading love and warmth in society.

Helping Florists in Trouble: Celebrating Women’s Day with More Social Significance 1 months ago

On International Women’s Day, Beijing Dentsu organized a special event “Sending Flowers & Helping Florists” as it seeks to not only help Yun Nan florists troubled by the epidemic with their unsalable flowers but also send best wishes to the female staff.

Ways for Brands Making Inroads in the Digital World1 months ago

Review of Shanghai Dentsu’s excellent cases in the Social & Digital world: Shanghai Dentsu will never stop its exploration in the digital world, and it is looking forward to achieving better results in the future.

Dentsu Inc. donated 1 million yuan to China to support the prevention and treatment of the epidemic.1 months ago

In February 2020, under the background of the outbreak of COVID-19, Dentsu Inc. decided to donate 15 million yen (1 million yuan) to China so as to support for treating, preventing and controlling the epidemic.

Shanghai Dentsu Helps New Year Product Launch for Annil2 months ago

On January 13, 2020, Shanghai Dentsu helped Annil to set up a super-gorgeous "Interesting New Year Red" Paradise in Long Gang Vanke Mall, Shenzhen.

Beijing Dentsu Helps New Product Launch for Shuijingfang3 months ago

At the end of 2019, the "Shuijingfang · Jingtai 12" new product launch conference was held in Jiangsu. Shanghai Dentsu and Beijing Dentsu jointly helped this new product launch.

Shanghai Dentsu Makes Chinese New Year Marketing Campaign for Xiangpiaopiao3 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helped Xiangpiaopiao build multi-channel content including TVC, KV, and offline materials. At the same time, started a wave of brand marketing campaigns with the spokesperson Wang Junkai.

Directors of Marketing Surveillance & Administration Bureau of Beijing visited Beijing Dentsu3 months ago

On December 26, 2019, Kong Xu, Deputy Director of Marketing Surveillance & Administration Bureau of Beijing and other 6 delegates visited Beijing Dentsu.

Shanghai Dentsu Gave a Help to Launch for AIWAYS U53 months ago

On December 19, 2019, after several months of exploration and hard work, Shanghai Dentsu created a micro-film to help the Aiways U5 officially launch.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates New Product TVC in 2019 Winter for Giving3 months ago

Starting from the theme of "more perception, bigger world", Shanghai Dentsu has created a new TVC for Giving new cream.

Beijing Dentsu Won MENGNIU Digital Business3 months ago

Recently, Beijing Dentsu won the digital and social communication creativity and production business for MENGNIU in 2020.

Beijing Dentsu Won iFeng 2019 Top 10 Public Welfare Creativity of the Year3 months ago

On the evening of December 8, 2019, iFeng 2019 "Action League" Public Welfare Grand Ceremony was held in Beijing. Beijing Dentsu's work "Lucky Traffic Tickets" won the Top 10 Public Welfare Creativity of the Year.

Beijing Dentsu Wins 2 Silver of 2019 China 4A Golden Seal Award4 months ago

On December 8, 2019, the 2019 China 4A Golden Seal Awards Ceremony was held. Beijing Dentsu won 2 silver awards for its work "GU Care Label" and named as China 4A Annual Support Unit.

Master Kong Three New Products Campaign – the Third Episode4 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helps Master Kong to launch three instant noodles new products. The third one is the flavor of Pickled Chilli Beef Noodles.

Master Kong Three New Products Campaign – the Second Episode4 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helps Master Kong to launch three instant noodles new products. The second one is the flavor of Black Pepper Steak Noodles.

Keita Ishikawa Was Invited as a Jury Member for 2019 Effie Awards Greater China4 months ago

On November 26, 2019 Effie Awards Greater China Grand Judging was held in Beijing Tencent Building. Keita Ishikawa, CEO of Beijing Dentsu, was invited as a jury member.

Master Kong Three New Products Campaign - the First Episode4 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helps Master Kong to launch three instant noodles new products. The first one is the flavor of Pork Ribs with Red Onion.

Beijing Dentsu Won Multiple Awards of LIA Chinese and MAD Awards 4 months ago

Recently, 2019 LIA Global Chinese Creativity and 2019 MAD Awards winners have been announced, Beijing Dentsu won 1 Gold, 6 Silver and 4 Bronze of MAD Awards, and 1 Bronze of LIA Chinese.

Beijing Dentsu Gave a Help to Panasonic to Its All-round Brand Upgrade4 months ago

At the 2nd China International Import Expo held in Shanghai from November 5th to 10th, Beijing Dentsu created a new business slogan for the Panasonic and helped to enhance the Panasonic brand image.

Chander Chen Was Invited As a Guest Lecturer for AD Campus 2019 in Zhengzhou University5 months ago

On November 7th, 2019, the Campus Tour Zhengzhou Station of AD Campus 2019 Autumn Event was successfully held in Zhengzhou University. Chander Chen, Creative Director of Beijing Dentsu, was invited to be a guest lecturer to give a speech How to become an adman.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates an Integrated Campaign for Pocky5 months ago

Recently, Shanghai Dentsu joined hands with Glico to create an integrated campaign for Pocky starting from the insights of post 90-00s generation's life.

Hiroyuki Kouyama Was Invited as A Jury Member For 2019 Innovative Marketing Awards5 months ago

On October 30th, the 2019 Innovative Marketing Awards announced the jury member. Hiroyuki Kouyama, Group Creative Director of Beijing Dentsu, was listed in it.

Shanghai Dentsu Helps to Hold 2019 LYNK & CO Intelligence Technology Experience Day5 months ago

"2019 LYNK & CO 01 Intelligence Technology Experience Day” was held at the Jinchang No. 1 Mars Base. Based on the deep understanding of the LYNK & CO brand, Shanghai Dentsu planned a hard-core futuristic tech conference which was a cross-border cooperation among top brands in different industries.

AQUAIR x Onmyoji Mobile Game Cross-dimension Cooperation5 months ago

dentsu X entertainment team joined hand with Shanghai Dentsu to conduct a cross-dimension cooperation between AQUAIR and Onmyoji Mobile Game for Double 11 Shopping Festival.

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