• Beijing Dentsu Helped Huawei Nova 7 and Luo Tianyi in Reaching Crossover Cooperation9 months ago

    Beijing Dentsu Helped Huawei and Luo Tianyi, a famous Chinese vocaloid, in reaching crossover cooperation during the launch of Huawei Nova 7 by making IP proposal, assisting in their business negotiation and forming partnership, ensuring the brand’s rights and smoothly executing IP creatives.

  • Dentsu Aegis launches dentsu mcgarrybowen China11 months ago

    Combining the creative power of Dentsu in the East and mcgarrybowen in the West, dentsumcgarrybowen becomes the unrivalled global powerhouse delivering idea-led brand transformation for clients.

  • Shanghai Dentsu Created "Our Cheering Diary" Campaign for Glico11 months ago

    Shanghai Dentsu created "Our Cheering Diary" 2020 encouragement campaign for Glico. Pocky and Pretz invited consumers to share their special stories during home confinement due to the COVID-19 outbreak to cheer for themselves and look forward to a bright future.

dentsumcgarrybowen China Won Nescafé’s annual social media operation and creative advertising business15 days ago

Recently, dentsu mcgarrybowen China won the annual social media operation and creative advertising business from Nescafé parent brand’s business department.

dentsumcgarrybowen China helped Nestlé launch New Year’s Campaign20 days ago

Beijing Office helped Nestlé launch its New Year’s Campaign. The Campaign displays warm-hearted accompany during the pandemic by turning “Wish you a happy new year” into “Enjoy a happy new year together with you”.

dentsu mcgarrybowen China Won a Sliver at ADFEST1 months ago

dentsu mcgarrybowen China's work Care Label won Silver Award of Media Lotus.

Shanghai Office Helped Pizza Hut Launch the New Year’s Campaign2 months ago

Shanghai Office helped Pizza Hut launch its New Year’s Campaign to ring in the year of 2021 through reinterpreting the year of 2020.

Shiseido Za × POP MART cross-border cooperation2 months ago

Shanghai Office assisted Za, a branch brand of Shiseido, to launch a cross-border cooperation with POP MART, a very popular toymaking brand, and took charge of protecting Za’s brand rights and smoothly implementing IP ideas throughout the process.

Guangzhou Office assists GAC Toyota to explore a new mode of experience marketing via "Guangfeng Travel"3 months ago

Guangzhou Office and GAC Toyota jointly unfolded the short-term shared car rental business - Guangfeng Travel on a national scale pivoting around dealerships to provide customers with a convenient and pleasant travel experience via the Fengyunxing platform.

dentsu mcgarrybowen China Won a Bronze at Effie Awards Greater China3 months ago

dentsumcgarrybowen China Shanghai office Won a Bronze at Effie Awards Greater China.

dentsu mcgarrybowen China Creatives Invited to be Judges of Major Advertising Events4 months ago

dentsumcgarrybowen China creative talents are invited to be judges for the 2020 Effie Greater China Award, China Advertising Great-wall Awards, China 4A Golden Seal Awards, and AD Campus.

dentsu mcgarrybowen China Attended Beijing International Public Service Advertisement Conference4 months ago

dentsumcgarrybowen China attended 2020 the 2nd Beijing International Public Service Advertisement Conference. Wins third prize in the creative category.

Shanghai Office Helped Heath Plus Vegan Milk Series to Upgrade4 months ago

Shanghai Office helped Heath Plus Vegan Milk series, a high-end sub-brand of VitaVitasoy to upgrade by creating a brand new TVC and KV.

Shanghai Office Helped Lynk & CO 06 Launch5 months ago

Shanghai Office helped Lynk&CO06 launch, integrating core communication concept of“freedom and rationality”, and unfolded a co-created new era for vehicles.

Beijing Office helped Subaru exhibition at the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition5 months ago

Beijing Office helped Subaru design and operate its exhibition at the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition with the core concept of “The Earth Circulation”, conveying a positive lifestyle that Subaru has long been advocating.

Guangzhou Office Won Dali Beer’s Advertisement Agency Business5 months ago

Guangzhou Office Won Carlsberg’s sub-brand, Dali Beer’s advertisement agency business.

Shanghai Office Promoted A Cross-Border Cooperation Between Master Kong And Tencent5 months ago

Shanghai Office promoted cross-border cooperation between Master Kong’s Spicy Beef Noodles and Tencent’s key mobile game, Game for Peace.

Shanghai Office Helped Master Kong Launch with Joint Hands from Beijing TV5 months ago

Shanghai Office, with joint hands from Beijing TV’s cultural variety show -“I'm Waiting for You in the Summer Palace”, helped Master Kong launch its Sour and Spicy Beef Noodles and simultaneously started an IMC campaign.

Shanghai Office Helped Master Kong Launch A New Year Campaign5 months ago

Shanghai Office helped Master Kong launch a new year campaign of brand rejuvenation, promoting brand broadcasting with customized orientation in different regions across the nation.

Shanghai Office Helped Laurier Launch New Product5 months ago

Shanghai Office helped Laurier launch a new series by inviting product endorser Song Zuer to make a brand new TVC and an unboxing vlog, developing a cartoon and other peripheral products of originally well-designed IP, and carrying out an offline propaganda activity.

Shanghai Office Helps Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign for Shuijingfang6 months ago

Shanghai Office created one gift to all consumers for Swellfun, inheriting 600 years of high-quality taste, and a warm heart on Mid-Autumn Festival, bringing out the beautiful meaning of lucky.

dentsu mcgarrybowen China Wins 1 Silver 1 Bronze at IAI International Advertising Awards6 months ago

dentsumcgarrybowen China Won 1 Silver and 1 Bronze at IAI International Advertising Awards with works of “‘Lucky’ Violation Ticket”, "Giving 2019 IMC Campaign".

Whoo × Tmall Super Brand Day 6 months ago

Shanghai office assist Whoo to create a campaign, via Tmall super brand day, which refreshing the sale record of beauty makeup category. Invited two female stars from well-known TV show, which successfully helped Whoo to achieve excellent performance.

Shanghai Office Creates a New Campaign for Vitasoy6 months ago

Shanghai office creates a new campaign for Vitasoy. Used micro-landscape for the KV and making a MV collaboration for this breakfast campaign with TikTok KOL.

Shanghai Office Create a Series of Campaign for Jahwa Corporation Giving7 months ago

Shanghai office helped the sub-brand of Shanghai Jahwa Corporation, Giving, build up the new images. Innovating around the user values chain and covering the multiple tracks.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates an Integrated Campaign for Glico Pejoy7 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helped Glico Pocky launched two summer limited flavors: mint black chocolate and white peach mint Pocky, and created IMC Campaign for the new products.

dentsu mcgarrybowen Strengthens China Leadership Team with New Appointments7 months ago

dentsumcgarrybowen China announced a new structure and new appointments to the leadership team.

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